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Sublime IP – San Francisco Data Center

San Francisco data center is located in San Francisco Telecom Center just south of Francisco’s financial district. The building is secure and was originally used for storage of military tanks and equipment. The facility is equipped with state of the art video surveillance and 24×7 security guards at front entrance.  The facility is equipped with excellent cooling infrastructure with n+1 redundant chilled water supply loops, and n+1 Liebert air conditioning units pumping cold air into the pressurized raised floor. The power to the data center is provided through redundant power feeds, UPS and two diesel generators of 2 Mega Watts. The fire suppression system provides three levels of protection; Halon fire extinguishers are located throughout data centers; double interlock dry pipe pre-action system; VESDA laser smoke deduction. The network features multi homed bandwidth with connection to over 40 network providers. The facility has two separate fiber entrances on different streets for an additional layer of redundancy and six separate building fiber entrances with two fiber rooms. The network traffic is routed over major Tier 1 internet backbones such as UUNet, Level3, NTT/Verio, AboveNet and PAIX for maximum scalability and reliability.

About Sublime IP

Sublime IP is an Australian based company and operates a high number of data centers in multiple locations around the world. The company was founded in Mar, 1995 and offer services in cloud computing, colocation hosting, dedicated servers, domain names, web hosting, VPN, intellectual properties, and ISP services. Sublime IP offers services to the companies working in Finance, Media and Publishing, Government and Education, Food and Beverages, Travel, Internet, Global Testing and many others. Sublime IP provides cloud computing services via globally deployed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to its customers through its 7 state of the art data centers in the United States while the company operates a total of about 101 data centers in the scattered locations of the world. The KVM based cloud platform allow for the running of any operating system of choice: any version of Linux, Windows or BSD with fully independent and scalable resources in terms of CPU, RAM, and disk space. All disk stored data is strongly encrypted and dedicated RAID drive pairs are available for complete separation of physical storage. The company also facilitates its customers that they may interact at the console level via VNC, even during the early stages of operating system boot up. The company provides with standard IP networking with a real public IP address (no NAT) for its cloud offerings. Secure web based console is provided to easily create, manage and resize server and storage. The hosting solutions offered by Sublime IP are based exclusively on Open Source technologies. The web servers are powered by APACHE servers and solutions are designed and supported in open source products including PHP, MySQL, postfix, BIND etc. The colocation services and dedicated servers are provided through state of the art data centers and provide an optimum environment in terms of security, power management, environmental controls, fire safety and network performance. Sublime IP also facilitates customers for new domain registration, renewal of domain name quickly and accurately and with comprehensive monitoring and reporting of domains.

Sublime IP – San Francisco Data Center

San Francisco, CA

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