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Wholesale Bandwidth

Wholesale Bandwidth Service is a high capacity bandwidth connection delivered via fiber or satellite providing high speed data and internet service.

Wholesale Data CircuitsWholesale Bandwidth is used by businesses that are engaged in telecommunications, wholesale Internet access, or wholesale ISP services to provide the bandwidth capacity needed for customer applications. Wholesale Bandwidth comes in many speeds ranging from Ethernet to DS3 to wavelengths, and contracts for the provision of wholesale bandwidth often involve a third party in order to protect the business strategy of the competitor, and to engage in transactions via an exchange process that allow the seller to remain anonymous. This process has been disruptive to the price of wholesale bandwidth, as bandwidth inventories and trades and excess capacity is often traded as either lit and dark fiber optic cables. The development of certain technologies such as laser and fiber optics along with internet based trading of capacity and a speculative market enables providers and consumers the ability to hedge positions, or take what effectively amounts to a short or long term position in capacity and the options include the ability to participate in the construction of cable facilities with competitors, and other large users and to obtain a return on the investment through deployment of equipment on the optical cables that increases the available capacity of the Wholesale Bandwidth available for sale to wholesale buyers that have not participated in the construction, or ownership of the network. Typical products include an indefeasible right to use, or IRU, a portion of the capacity, and term agreements for relatively short or long periods of time, and the ability to offset the risk by leasing for a term in line with the strategic objectives of the buyer. Buyers and sellers use the terms Wholesale Carrier Ethernet, Wholesale ISP, Wholesale Internet Access, Wavelength Service, Fiber Optic Internet, Lit Fiber Buildings, or Dark Fiber.

Wholesale Bandwidth Applications:

  • Internet Access
  • Email
  • File Sharing
  • Web Hosting
  • Data Backup
  • Video
  • VOIP
  • VPN Access

Wholesale Bandwidth Features:

  • Service Level Agreement – SLA
  • Guaranteed Speeds
  • Static IP’s
  • BGP
  • Managed Services

Wholesale Bandwidth Services Available:

  • Wholesale Bandwidth Term Agreements of any length of time
  • Wholesale Carrier Ethernet Services
  • Wholesale ISP and IP Bandwidth
  • Wholesale Internet Access
  • Wavelength Service
  • Fiber Optic and Satellite Data and Internet Circuits and assistance with provisioning and installing earth stations or equipment, data center support, and consulting to wholesale buyers and sellers
  • Lit Fiber Buildings for sales, rent or refit
  • Dark Fiber Capacity from our suppliers in 139 countries in over 2000 major markets around the globe

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