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About Us

CLOUD AND COLOCATION has developed into the data center industry’s “go to resource” for information on colocation services, cloud services, managed hosting, data circuits and colocation consulting services. CLOUD AND starts by providing clients with up-to-date detailed information on data centers through-out the United States. Our consulting services include data center research, strategy and planning, site selection, RFP development, pricing analysis and price negotiation. We make the data centers compete aggressively for your business. When you use CLOUD AND, our services start with placing you in the right facility at a below market rate and then we follow you throughout the entire contract term. We are always there to assist you with any challenges that might develop, or for additional services.

Our research staff continually updates information on data center providers, new locations and additional services. This provides you with latest information available and makes the selection process much easier. We dedicate a staff of professionals to do the research for you which saves you countless hours of work.

We are a team of data center professionals that have worked in the telecommunications industry collectively for over 60 years. What makes CLOUD AND different is that most of our staff have actually worked full-time in a data center! We understand what happens behind the scenes at a cloud or colocation provider so we can provide our clients insight into how to avoid problems before they start, suggest the proper things to order and negotiate pricing upfront for services. Our team of professionals have also sold data circuits for many years so when you need data services, we can shop the lowest competitive rates amount the hundred providers in our portfolio. No situation for colocation, cloud services or data services is too complicated for our dedicated team. Through the years, many companies have used our professional services. Best of all, our services are free to clients. Give us a try…. you have nothing to lose and a tremendous amount to gain.

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