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Colocation Services has agent agreements with 1,000’s of data centers across the United States for colocation services. Many of these data centers receive up to 70% of their clients from agents. For a data center, using an agent, reduces their overhead which results in lower prices to our clients. You can use our agreements based on volume discounts to achieve lower prices than you can negotiate directly. Whether you need a 1/2 rack of equipment or up to several hundred square feet of colocation space, Cloud and is here to assist you. Often we can provide discounts of up to 50%.

Colocation Service Team

“From half cabs to cage space let Cloud and Colocation use our leverage to get the most competitive colocation prices in the industry.”

With the thousands of providers nationwide choosing the provider to host your infrastructure can be challenging. Every data center has a wide range of services, redundancy, square footage, numbers of carriers, managed services, storage, and security, etc. Our back-end database at Cloud and has all the detailed information about each data center which makes it easier to select the correct data center for your requirements

How to find Colocation with

  1. How to find colocation with Cloud and
    Click “Find Your Data Center” below and use the search bar next to the map by entering either the city, state or specific address.
  2. On the results page that appears, you will see a list of the data centers and their services.
  3. When you see a data center you would like a proposal, click the “Request Free Quote” and that’s it!
  4. Within hours or a couple days, you will get a quote from that data center.
  5. Cloud and will help negotiate the price even lower based on our familiarity of the going rates in that area.
  6. Tour the data center
  7. Sign a contract and you will be ready to move-in.

Available Colocation Consulting Services

In the event you have a more complicated colocation requirement or your need that extra-assistance necessary to make a decision, check out our free “colocation consulting services” and we will assist you with every detail.

Cloud and Colocation will analyze all of the information we get back and determine the most cost effective data center solution for you. It will provide you with the research and insight to correctly choose the provider that best fits your business strategies.

All our decisions are based on what makes the most sense for YOUR company

We are non-bias to all providers, this gives us the ability to negotiate on your behalf getting you the lowest rate possible!