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Xand – Lehigh Valley Data Center

The Xand Leigh Valley data center is located at 9999 Hamilton Blvd., Breinigsville, PA 18031. The data center is single story building constructed with concrete masonry and is located safely outside major natural disaster threat zones. The data center provides amenities like private office area, meeting and conference rooms, dedicated workspace, free and secure parking, and fully equipped cubical style workstations.

The Xand Lehigh Valley data center offers partial, half, or full locking cabinet space; private caged space; and customized private suites. The building area is around 28,000 square feet, with raised floors providing easy management of electrical and network cabling to the data center. The facility is physically guarded by man guards 24x7x365 with closed circuit video camera monitoring. The Pennsylvania data center has man trap entry with card access system, as well as enforced dual factor biometric access control system. Data center grade fire suppression system is in place for protection from any fire hazard.

The Lehigh Valley data center has a N+1 power infrastructure. In the event of an immediate power failure, the data center is protected by redundant UPS systems in N+1 redundancy with independent A/B UPS power delivery. The continuous emergency power is provided by N+1 configured diesel generators. The data center has energy efficient white flooring, and provides a power density of 250 watts per square foot. The cooling and humidity to the data center is controlled through a N+1 configured air conditioning system. The efficient cooling is provided in hot and cold aisles with a plenum return ceiling.

The Xand data center is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity to multiple Tier I providers. The data center has multiple, diverse fiber feeds. The data center has overhead ladder racking for both power and networking cabling. 24x7x365 NOC onsite technical staff provides helpdesk and support services, remote hands services, as well as backup and restore services.

About Xand

Xand Inc. headquartered in New York, is a provider of data center managed services and technology solutions for the small, medium and large scale businesses through its six enterprise data centers located in  the Northeastern United States. Xand offers its services to organizations working in finance, insurance sector, healthcare, biotech, software, SaaS, education, retail, public sector, and manufacturing industry. This company specializes in data centers, cloud computing, managed hosting, business continuity, and disaster recovery.
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Xand – Lehigh Valley Data Center
9999 Hamilton Blvd.
Breinigsville, PA 18031

Xand – Lehigh Valley Data Center Highlights

  • Single Story Building Constructed with Concrete Masonry
  • Located Safely Outside Major Threat Zones
  • Amenities
    • Private Office Area
    • Meeting and Conference Rooms
    • Dedicated Workspace
    • Free and Secure Parking
    • Fully Equipped Cubical Style Workstations
  • Colocation
    • Partial, Half, or Full Locking Cabinet Space
    • Private Caged Space
    • Customized Private Suites
  • 28,000 Square Feet of Total Space
  • Raised Floor Space
  • Security
    • Man Guards 24x7x365
    • Closed Circuit Video Camera Monitoring
    • Man Trap Entry with Card Access System
    • Biometric Access Control System
    • Data Center Grade Fire Suppression System
  • N+1 Power Infrastructure
  • Redundant UPS System in N+1 Redundancy
  • Independent A/B Circuits
  • N+1 Configured Diesel Generators
  • Energy Efficient White Floor
  • Power Density of 250 Watts Per Square Feet
  • N+1 Configured Air Conditioning System
  • Hot and Cold Aisles with Plenum Return Ceiling
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Multiple, Diverse Fiber Feeds
  • Overhead Ladder Racking for Both Power and Networking Cabling
  • 24x7x365 NOC Onsite Technical Staff
  • Remote Hands Services
  • Backup And Restore Services

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