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Southern Union – Houston Data Center

Southern Union’s Houston data center is located at 7210 Ardmore Street, Houston, TX 77054. The data center is located approximately five miles south of downtown Houston, just off state highway 288. The data center is situated on 4.7 acres of land, and hardener structure capable of withstanding major natural disasters. The data center provides conference rooms, parking facility for 140 vehicles, and full size dock, and equipment receiving area. The data center is owned and operated Energy Transfer Partners (ETP). The ETP is publicly traded limited partnership that owns and operates diversified portfolio of energy assets.

The Houston data center is a Tier III infrastructure facility. The data center offers colocation space through cabinets in caged data center suites. The facility provides 31,000 square feet of total enclosed space, including 15,000 square feet of raised floor for subfloor cable management and efficient air flow. The data center is regularly audited and is a certified SSAE 16 type II facility. The data center features state of the art security with eight feet high security fence, entrance only through retractable security gate, 24x7x365 security guards onsite, 46 closed circuits video cameras monitoring inside and outside the facility, intrusion alarm system, locked cabinets, and security badge access control system. The data center is protected from fire through the use of pre action dry pipe sprinkler system, with ionizer particle sensors in entire facility including raised floor and ceiling. The facility has Halotron clean agent handheld fire extinguishers located throughout the facility.

The data center is a reliable power infrastructure, and utility power to data center is supplied by CenterPoint Energy. The critical infrastructure is protected by 2 x 1,200 kVA UPS consisting of four 400 kVA modules in 2N+1 redundant configurations on the utility power loss. The emergency power to the data center is provided by 1×1400 kW, 1×1350 kW, and 1×900 kW diesel generators onsite with 10,000 gallons of fuel storage tank onsite located in the rear of facility. The diverse A/B power is fed through Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and power whips in 2N redundant configuration. The data center has deployed transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) equipment and lightning arrester system throughout facility. The 2N redundant HVAC infrastructure automates the cooling and humidity levels. This includes redundant chillers, water pumps, compressors, cooling towers, and CRAH units. The data center has primary water supply from the city of Houston while backup water supply from private well located on property. The facility has also equipped with water leak detection sensors and alarms under the raised floors.

The 7210 Ardmore Street is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity to four major ISPs. The data center has redundant routing paths, diverse fiber entry, and dark fiber availability. The data center provides space for multiple satellite dishes on the roof. 24x7x365 support is also provided by technical staff.


Southern Union – Houston Data Center
7210 Ardmore Street
Houston, TX 77054

Southern Union – Houston Data Center Highlights

  • Tier III Infrastructure Facility
  • Located Approximately Five Miles South of Downtown Houston Just Off State Highway 288
  • Situated on 4.7 Acres of Land
  • Hardener Structure Capable of Withstanding Major Natural Disasters
  • Amenities
    • Conference Rooms
    • Parking Facility for 140 Vehicles
    • Full Size Dock
    • Equipment Receiving Area
  • Caged Data Center Suites
  • 31,000 Square Feet of Total Enclosed Space
  • 15,000 Square Feet of Raised Floor
  • SSAE 16 Type II Certified Facility
  • Security
    • Eight Feet High Security Fence
    • Entrance Only Through Retractable Security Gate
    • 24x7x365 Security Guards Onsite
    • 46 Closed Circuits Video Cameras
    • Intrusion Alarm System
    • Locked Cabinets
    • Security Badge Access Control System
  • Fire Detection and Suppression System
    • Pre Action Dry Pipe Sprinkler System
    • Ionizer Particle Sensors in Entire Facility Including Raised Floor and Ceiling
    • Halotron Clean Agent Handheld Fire Extinguishers
  • Utility from Centerpoint Energy
  • UPS in 2N+1 Redundant Configuration
    • 2 x 1,200 kVA UPS
    • 4 x 400 kVA Modules
  • Diesel Generators
    • 1×1400 kW
    • 1×1350 kW
    • 1×900 kW
    • 10,000 Gallons Of Fuel Storage Tank Onsite
  • Diverse A/B Power
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and Power Whips in 2N Redundant Configuration
  • Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) Equipment
  • Lightning Arrester System
  • 2N Redundant HVAC Infrastructure
    • Chillers
    • Water Pumps
    • Compressors
    • Cooling Tower
    • CRAH Units
    • Water Leak Detection Sensors and Alarms Under the Raised Floors
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Redundant Routing Paths
  • Diverse Fiber Entry
  • Dark Fiber Availability
  • Space For Multiple Satellite Dishes on the Roof
  • 24x7x365 Support

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