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H5 Data Centers – Chandler Data Center

Formerly a NextFort colocation facility, now a Tier 3 colocation facility owned and operated by H5 data centers, is located at 2600 W. Germann Rd, Chandler AZ 85286.

Designed from the ground up to be a data center, H5’s Chandler data center is a revolutionary new concept in data center construction and operation, featuring optimal configurations for high density cloud computing and secure disaster recovery. High-density computing suites within the facility are completely self-contained, all concrete and steel rooms designed to store up to 20 high density IT racks. This proprietary set-up delivers anywhere from 150 watts per square foot to 600 watts per square foot, depending on the clients’ needs. Each high density suite is also constructed with 2N redundant electrical feeds, and every component of the power distribution system is configured in an N+1 set up. Redundant back up diesel generators are also on-site, which provide emergency electricity to critical equipment in the case of a main utility power failure. Because of H5’s unique power distribution set up, the data center is extremely energy-efficient; up to 40% more energy-efficient than other similar data centers.

Its cooling systems are powered by up to 80 tons of dedicated cooling using the latest in efficiently designed HVAC units. These units are set up in an N+1 configuration, and each unit is also equipped with economizers which bring in cool outside air, when conditions are optimal. All environmental settings are also manageable through a secure portal and can be set directly by the customer.

H5’s physical infrastructure and security is also state of the art. All customer suites are protected by a concrete and steel structure, and a 23 foot high concrete wall surrounds the facility. Within the facility, a multi-layered security system that includes mantraps, biometric screening, key card access and a 24/7 on site staff, keep all assets safe and secure. Fire suppression systems are backed by dedicated clean agent gas, and no in-suite water based solutions are used.

About H5 Data Centers

H5 Data Centers is one of the leading privately-owned data center operators in the United States with over two million square feet under management. The company designs and engineers flexible and scalable data center and interconnection solutions to address the business and operational requirements of its customers. H5 Data Centers manages data centers in 14 US markets, including: Albuquerque, Ashburn, Atlanta, Chantilly, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Denver, New York, Phoenix, Quincy, San Luis Obispo, San Antonio, and Seattle.

H5 Data Centers – Chandler Data Center
2600 W. Germann Rd.
Chandler, AZ 85286

H5 Data Centers – Chandler Data Center Highlights

  • Up to 225K IT load per suite
  • 100% free air capability based on outside conditions
  • Isolated hot and cold aisles
  • Secure web based customer portal to manage environments settings, physical access and security cameras.
  • Gas based fire suppression system
  • Carrier neutral facility

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