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Zayo – Mt. Prospect Data Center

Zayo’s Chicago data center is located at 800 E Business Center Dr., Mount Prospect, IL 60056. The facility is standalone building located in 5.4 acres of land having data center space, conference rooms, enclosed & secured loading docks and drive-in door, and 166 parking spaces. The data center is ideally situated, close to O’Hare international airport, and is approximately 25 miles from downtown Chicago. The facility is located outside the flood plain, and outside all flight paths of Chicago airport.

Zayo offers quarter, third, half, and full cabinet colocation, locked cabinet colocation, caged space colocation, and private suites colocation space. All the colocation solutions are offered with 110V – 20A, 30A, and 40A configurations; 208V – 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A, and 60A configurations; redundant network uplinks, cabinet to cabinet cross connect, and access to real time data feeds. Zayo’s 100% data center uptime service level agreement (SLA) covers all the key infrastructure elements and service metrics like power, temperature, network availability, and service credits.

The data center has a gross space of 81,600 square feet that includes 65,000 square feet of colocation space. The data center provides 24 inches of raised floor white space, and 18 feet clear ceiling height. The data center is a SSAE 16 SOC I type II certified facility. The data center has 24 x 7 x 365 onsite security guards, entry and exit logs, and CCTV monitoring & recording with 90 days data storage. The access to data center floor is subject to biometric scan and key card authentication, and mantrap entry. VESDA and photoionization fire detection with FIKE Cheetah alarm is installed in data center to alert an early fire spark. Pre action dry pipe fire suppression system protects the infrastructure from any fire spark.

Mt. Prospect data center is a 2N redundant power infrastructure facility. The data center has 16,000 kW of utility power, and provides 200 watts per square feet of usable UPS power density. The immediate power failure is protected by 10,000 kW UPS in 2N configuration, and automatic transfer of load to 16,000 kw diesel generators in N+1 redundancy. The diesel generators have fuel storage for 48 hours runtime at full load with fuel supply refuel. Zayo has standby emergency refueling contracts with local fuel providers, and test generators weekly with non-load exercise to make them up and running. The multiple 30 tons Liebert CRAC units effectively moderate the cooling and humidity in the data center in N+1 configuration. The data center has alarms installed that are attached to building management system (BMS), local police, and fire department.

The data center is a carrier neutral facility with redundant fiber paths in. The facility provides Ethernet hands off; 10, 100, or 1000 Base T, 10G network ports. The Zayo blended bandwidth is also available in 10G, 2.5G, Ethernet and IP. The data center has multiple IP transit and transports carriers including AT&T, Level3, AboveNet, Verizon, XO communication etc. The data center has 24 x 7 x 365 NOC, providing site security, monitoring, remote and smart hands services.

About Zayo Colocation Inc.

Zayo Colocation Inc. was founded in 2007, and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. The company is a global provider of bandwidth infrastructure services, including dark fiber, IP transport, wavelengths, and carrier-neutral colocation. The network footprint stretches over 74,300 route miles, providing connectivity in and between major metropolitan areas on dense metro and intercity fiber assets. Zayo’s network serves 271 markets in seven countries and 45 states, plus Washington D.C. Zayo’s fiber network connects the largest U.S. and European cities as well as, many Tier 2 – 5 U.S. markets. Zayo’s network reaches over 11,740 buildings, including over 500 data centers, over 500 carrier POPs, and thousands of enterprise buildings. The company services include colocation services, interconnection, metro interconnect, and remote hands.

Zayo – Mt. Prospect Data Center
800 E. Business Center Drive
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056

Zayo – Mt. Prospect Data Center Highlights

  • Standalone Building Located in 5.4 Acres of Land
  • Close to O’Hare International Airport
  • Approximately 25 Miles from Downtown Chicago
  • Enclosed & Secured Loading Docks and Drive-In Door
  • 166 Parking Spaces
  • Outside the Flood Plain
  • Outside All Flight Paths of Chicago Airport
  • Colocation
    • Quarter, Third, Half, and Full Cabinet Space
    • Locked Cabinet Space
    • Caged Space
    • Private Suites
  • Colocation Features
    • 110V – 20A, 30A, and 40A Configurations
    • 208V – 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A, and 60A Configurations
    • Redundant Network Uplinks
    • Access to Real Time Data Feeds
    • Cabinet to Cabinet Cross Connect
  • 100 % SLA on All Key Infrastructure Elements and Service Metrics Like
    • Power
    • Temperature
    • Network Availability
    • Service Credits
  • 81,600 Square Feet of Gross Space
  • 65,000 Square Feet of Colocation Space
  • 24 Inches of Raised Floor White Space
  • 18 Feet Clear Ceiling Height
  • SSAE 16 SOC I Type II Certified Facility
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Onsite Security Guards
  • Entry and Exit Logs
  • CCTV Monitoring & Recording with 90 Days Data Storage
  • Biometric Scan and Key Card Authentication
  • Mantrap Entry
  • VESDA and Photoionization Fire Detection with FIKE Cheetah Alarm
  • Pre action Dry Pipe Fire Suppression System
  • 2N Redundant Power Infrastructure Facility
  • 16 MW of Utility Power
  • 10 MW of UPS Power
  • UPS in 2N Redundancy
  • 16 MW of Standby Power
  • Diesel Generators in N+1 Configuration
  • 48 Hours of Runtime
  •  Standby Refuelling Contracts with Local Fuel Providers
  • Generators Tested Weekly with Non-Load Exercise
  • 30 Tons Liebert CRAC Units in N+1 Configuration
  • Building Management System
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Redundant Fiber Paths
  • Ethernet Hands Off; 10, 100, or 1000 Base T, 10G Network Ports
  • CoreLink Blended Bandwidth in 10G, 2.5G, Ethernet and IP
  • Multiple IP Transit and Transports Carriers
  • 24 x 7 x 365 NOC
  • Remote and Smart Hands Service

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