Negma Business Solutions – Dallas Data Center

Negma Business Solutions’ Dallas data center is located at 4215 N. Beltwood Parkway, Farmers Branch, TX 75244. Negma offers flexible colocation services such as shared cabinet space in 1U increment; fractional cabinets in 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 sizes; secure full locking cabinets; and customized caged space.

The data center provides 19,000 square feet of total space, including data center space, work area, and offices. The facility also provides raised floor for subfloor cable management and efficient airflow. The security in the data center is provided by 24×7 onsite security guards, perimeter and onsite video surveillance, and 24×7 access via card reader and biometric fingerprint scanners to the colocation floor. The data center is protected from fire through FM 200 fire suppression system that is installed throughout the facility and under the raised floor.

Dallas data center provides a reliable power infrastructure with robust primary power. The critical infrastructure is protected by 3×100 kVA and 1×75 kVA UPS system on the loss of utility power. The backup emergency power to the data center is provided by reliable onsite diesel generator. The diverse 120V/208V/240V power is delivered in A+B redundant feeds to each rack. The 5×15 tons Liebert HVAC units effectively maintains the cooling and humidity levels in data center for the optimum hardware performance. The facility has cold aisle/hot aisle cooling design, and leak detection system under all the raised floors.

Negma’s 4215 N. Beltwood Parkway data center is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity to multiple carriers and services providers. The data center has an enterprise class network infrastructure with highly redundant BGP routed GigE IP backbone, IP transit, broadband dedicated circuits, metro Ethernet, and VPN. 24×7 onsite staff provides the helpdesk and support services, and smart/remote hands services.

About Negma Business Solutions

Negma Business Solutions Inc. is premier hosting solutions provider offering colocation, dedicated servers, cloud computing, and managed services. The company serves both large and small business customers offering them comprehensive solutions, superior services, and support. Negma provides professional technology services, database integration, 3D imaging, interactive multimedia presentations, web hosting, e-mail, Internet consultation, and web design. The company offers a full suite of managed services such as security, backup and data management, monitoring and reporting, service and device administration, deployment and scaling services, application scalability and capacity planning, and advance hosting support. Negma Business Solutions Inc. was founded in 1996 and is based in Farmers Branch, TX.

Negma Business Solutions – Dallas Data Center
4215 N. Beltwood Parkway
Farmers Branch, TX 75244

Negma Business Solutions – Dallas Data Center Highlights

  • Colocation
    • Shared Cabinet Space in 1U Increment
    • Fractional Cabinets in 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 Sizes
    • Secure Full Locking Cabinets
    • Customized Caged Space
  • 19,000 Square Feet of Total Space
  • Work Area and Office Space
  • Raised Floor Space
  • Security
    • 24×7 Onsite Security Guards
    • Perimeter and Onsite Video Surveillance
    • Card Reader
    • Biometric Fingerprint Scanners
  • FM 200 Fire Suppression System
  • UPS System
    • 3×100 kVA
    • 1×75 kVA
  • Reliable Onsite Diesel Generator
  • 120V/208V/240V Power
  • A+B Redundant Feeds
  • HVAC Units
    • 5×15 Tons Liebert HVAC Units
    • Cold Aisle/Hot Aisle Cooling Design
    • Leak Detection System Under All the Raised Floors
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Enterprise Class Network Infrastructure
  • Highly Redundant BGP Routed GigE IP Backbone
  • 24×7 Onsite Staff
  • Smart/Remote Hands Services

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