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Creative Network Innovations CNI – Los Angeles Data Center

Creative Network Innovations’ Los Angeles data center is located in Los Angeles, CA. The data center is a Tier III infrastructure facility with fully redundant infrastructure.

CNI provides the colocation through rack space in 1U increment, half and full cabinets space, and multi rack space. The data center is regularly audited and is a certified SAS 70 type II facility, and also offers PCI compliant enabled solutions. The data center provides the state of the art security through the use of digital cameras surveillance, staffed lobby, escort only access, biometric access, and full security audit trail through badging and positive ID. The data center is protected from fire through the use of FM 200 fire suppression system.

The Los Angeles data center is a fault tolerant and reliable power infrastructure with concurrently maintainable design. The critical infrastructure is protected by redundant UPS system with an immediate transfer of load to diesel generators onsite. The data center provides redundant and conditioned power from 110V to 480V. The cooling and humidity in the data center is automated through redundant modular cooling units with onsite backup.

Creative Network Innovations’ Los Angeles data center is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity to multiple carriers and service providers. The facility provides protected OC-12 to OC-192 SONET backbones, private circuit, point to point multi homed networks to Internet, and MPLS. 24x7x365 NOC staff provides the helpdesk and support services as well as remote/smart hands services.

About Creative Network Innovations

Creative Network Innovation Inc. is a full service provider of data center solutions, including colocation, cloud computing, virtualization, disaster recover, business continuity, and application hosting. The company maintains the best in class hardware for the servers, network infrastructure, and latest technology to meet the ever changing demands with onsite hot replacements. CNI operates multiple Tier III data center facilities in Southwest. CNI is Cisco premier partner, Citrix silver partner, Microsoft certified partner, VMware certified partner, Vemma silver partner, Barracuda certified platinum partner, and Blue Coat authorized partner. Creative Network Innovation was founded in 1997 and headquartered in Melbourne, FL.
pci compliance

Creative Network Innovations CNI – Los Angeles Data Center

Los Angeles, CA

Creative Network Innovations CNI – Los Angeles Data Center Highlights

  • Tier III Infrastructure Facility
  • Colocation
    • Rack Space in 1U Increment
    • Half and Full Cabinets
    • Multi Rack Space
  • Certification and Compliance
    • SAS 70 Type II
    • PCI
  • Security
    • Digital Cameras Surveillance
    • Staffed Lobby
    • Escort Only Access
    • Biometric Access
  • FM 200 Fire Suppression System
  • Redundant UPS System
  • Diesel Generators Onsite
  • Redundant and Conditioned Power from 110V to 480V
  • Redundant Modular Cooling Units
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Protected OC-12 to OC-192 SONET Backbones
  • Private Circuit
  • Point to Point Multi Homed Networks to Internet
  • MPLS
  • 24x7x365 NOC
  • Remote/Smart Hands Services

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