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Webair Internet Development Inc. – Los Angeles Data Center

Webair’s Los Angeles data center offers clients a secure, customizable solution for their IT infrastructure needs. It starts with power delivery, and Webair has in production Dual 4000 AMP electrical feeds that provide for automatic switching between two independent transformers. A total of 3 Megawatts of power supports a true N+1 UPS configuration. Two 1 Megawatt diesel generators are also on site, and the facility can operate on its own with at least 14 days of fuel reserves housed in 2 6,000 gallon diesel tanks. The facility’s HVAC system is configured at an N+2 UPS and includes eight 20 ton computer room air conditioning units (CRAC), each with its own detection monitor. The facility is kept at 72 degrees and 45% humidity at all times, and both are monitored continuously by the Network operations center.

Webair also owns and operates its own network which is powered by a fully redundant 180gbps infrastructure and includes CDN Network capability.

The physical security at the Los Angeles data center is multi-layered and includes biometric hand scanners, electronic card control systems, video surveillance and 24/7 onsite personnel. The assets within the facility are also protected via a Inergen gas fire suppression system, and no water suppression is present at the facility.  Critical airflow, temperature, power consumption early warning fire detection (VESDA) and the HVAC systems are all monitored in real time by the Network Operations center.

About Webair

Founded in 1996, Webair operates a total of 4 data centers, 2 of which are located in the United States. In addition to its co-location services, Webair also provides an extensive array of support in other areas such as cloud services, hosting services and web development. Webair’s clients are large and small, and include a wide range of sectors including design firms, hosting companies, marketing firms, manufacturers, distributors, professional service firms, and more.
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Webair Internet Development Inc. – Los Angeles Data Center

Los Angeles, CA

Webair Internet Development Inc. – Los Angeles Data Center Highlights

  • 24/7/365 on site security
  • Card reader/finger print scanners on all entrance and exit doors
  • Raised floors
  • Environmental monitoring systems maintain constant temperature and humidity
  • 18″ raised floor
  • Six passenger elevators and 1 freight elevator
  • Back up data services

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