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About ColoHouse

ColoHouse is a leading providing of data center services including colocation hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting. ColoHouse provides clients with the competitive advantages of industry-leading security, environmental, and connectivity technologies at best-in-class value. The company offers dedicated server solutions that are tailored for the client’s specific needs, inclusive of storage and bandwidth, and provides seamless upgrades as required. ColoHouse’s cloud hosting provides virtually unlimited on demand computing capabilities on an actual resource usage basis. This is ideally suited for seasonal traffic spikes such as quarterly business tax fillings, Software as a Service (SaaS), disaster recovery, and business continuity assurance. The company serves the clients from small to medium enterprises to large corporations. ColoHouse was founded in 2007 ans is based in Miami, FL.

ColoHouse Data Center Locations

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ColoHouse’s Miami data center is located at 36 NE 2nd St., Miami, FL 33132. The data center is a purpose built facility located in downtown Miami, outside the 500 year floodplain and is category 5 hurricane protected. The data center offers colocation through quarter to half and full cabinets, as well as custom caged space. The facility […] Read More

About Cloud and Colocation

Cloud And is a colocation brokerage company. We create a competitive pricing environment that causes colocation providers and telecommunication service providers to compete for your business. If you are seeking colocation space, cloud services or data circuits, we will provide you with the best rates at the best data centers available in the market today. With years of experience and visibility into the market, we are able to deliver competitive results that meet or exceed your objectives, saving you time and money. Due to the volume of colocation contracts we close for clients each year, you receive lower rates than you can negotiate directly with data center providers. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote!