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West7Center – Los Angeles Data Center

In the bustling heart of downtown Los Angeles, West7Center proudly stands as a Tier III data center, purpose-built to fortify and sustain mission-critical workloads and applications. This fortress of digital security offers a carrier-neutral haven, providing lightning-fast, low-latency direct connections via five diverse entry points to major hubs, including One Wilshire Building, 600 W. 7th, 900 N. Alameda (Coresite LAX 2), and 200 Bauchet St (Coresite LAX 3) in Downtown Los Angeles.

West7Center isn’t just a data center; it’s a global nexus for telecommunications, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Over-the-Top (OTT) content and Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), enterprises, and any organizations dependent on unwavering infrastructure to power their operations.

This facility boasts dual central plants with redundant backup power and cooling muscle, supported by a substantial fuel reserve capable of sustaining a full load for up to 120 hours without refueling. It’s the ideal locale for core operations or as a failsafe sanctuary for primary operations.

When it comes to comprehensive support, West7Center has its users covered from data center design and deployment to operational upkeep. With a focus on reliability, ingenuity, adaptability, and scalability, West7Center caters to operations of all sizes. Options for N+1, N+N, and 2N redundancy with concurrent maintainability operations are also on the table. The combined expertise of our engineering and operations team exceeds 80 years, comprising industry-leading, certified, and profoundly knowledgeable professionals who are here to make your data center experience exceptional.

West7Center – Los Angeles Data Center
1200 West, 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071

West7Center – Los Angeles Data Center Highlights

  • Central Plant:
    • Powered by two 34.5 KV transmission lines from Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
    • Four 3,750 KVA transformers
    • Central Plant Expansion powered by one 7,500 KVA transformer
    • Combined capacity of both plants: 22.5 MVA
    • Commercial Power Plants served by two diverse substations for 22.5 MVA total capacity
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS):
    • Building UPS Power Plant with parallel redundant modules
    • Total capacity: up to 9600 kVA
    • Multiple UPS systems in at least N + 1 redundancy
    • Support for N+N and 2N redundancy with concurrent maintainability
  • HVAC Plants:
    • N+1 redundancy for critical cooling
    • Chiller plants with:
    • Four 1,250-ton chillers
    • Three 1,000-ton chillers
    • Two 500-ton chillers
    • Nine cooling towers
    • Four 1,100-ton Title 24 compliant water-side economizers
    • High energy efficiency resulting in a low PUE and cooling load factor
  • Generator Power Systems:
    • Two plants with a total capacity of 5.65 MW and 11.25 MW
    • N+1 redundancy
    • Supported by three 30,000-gallon underground fuel storage tanks
    • Can maintain generator power at full load for approximately 120 hours without refueling
  • Total Power Capacity:
    • 22.5 MW from the central plant and commercial power plants
    • 16.9 MW of generator-backed power

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