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PRISM Technologies – Albuquerque Data Center

PRISM Technologies’ Albuquerque data center is located at 219 Central NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102. The data center support colocation, data backup, disaster recovery, and web hosting services.

The data center offers flexible colocation options through partial, half and full locking cabinet space as well as caged space. Three levels of security is required to gain access to the data center with code access lock to enter the facility at level 1, check in and escorted entry by staff at level 2, and locked cabinets with keys at level 3. The data center is also monitored 24x7x365 by security cameras that are positioned at every entrance and records each and every movement. A high level of security is maintained through the use of unique access card and code combinations. The data center is engineered with the highest degree of protection against fire damage with concrete floors, fire proof walls, and steel framed racks. The facility uses state of the art clean agent fire suppression system for any fire spark.

The power to the Albuquerque data center is delivered by dual underground power grids. The critical infrastructure is protected by UPS system on the sudden loss of utility power that also regulates the quality of power so that all equipment receives the constant line voltage. The data center has standby diesel generator onsite for providing emergency power on prolonged disconnection of utility power. The data center provides the conditioned power through PDUs in a dedicated or shared circuit configuration. The cooling and humidity in the data center is controlled through redundant Liebert indoor cooling units that improve the operating conditions for the sensitive electronic equipment. These systems are also independently monitored by a Falcon monitoring system connecting all relevant environmental controls into a centralized system.

The data center is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity to two Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including Time Warner and Level3 Networks. The data center offers 99.9% environmental uptime. The data center provides onsite technical support, 24×7 live support, and remote hands services.


PRISM Technologies – Albuquerque Data Center
219 Central NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

PRISM Technologies – Albuquerque Data Center Highlights

  • Colocation
    • Partial Locking Cabinet
    • Half and Full Locking Cabinet
    • Caged Space
  • Security
    • Three Levels of Access
      • Code Access Lock to Enter the Facility at Level 1
      • Check In and Escorted Entry by Staff at Level 2
      • Locked Cabinets with Keys at Level 3
    • Video Surveillance with Recording 24×7
    • Unique Access Card
  • Fire Detection and Suppression
    • Concrete Floors, Fire Proof Walls and Steel Framed Racks
    • Clean Agent Fire Suppression System
  • Dual Underground Power Grids
  • UPS System
  • Standby Diesel Generator Onsite
  • PDUs
  • Dedicated or Shared Circuit Configuration
  • Redundant Liebert Indoor Cooling Units
  • Falcon Monitoring System
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • 99.9% Environmental Uptime
  • Onsite Technical Support
  • 24×7 Live Support
  • Remote Hands Services

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