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Liberty Center One – Royal Oak Data Center

Liberty Center One’s Royal Oak data center is located at 4815 Delemere Ave., Royal Oak, MI 48073. The data center provides 4,000 square feet of IT hotel office space with conference room and equipment build out facilities. The data center is categorized as a Tier III infrastructure facility.

The data center offers colocation space in a shared space for single server, half and full locked cabinets, and customized caged space. The facility provides a total of 7,800 square feet of data center space, and is regularly audited meeting the rigorous compliance requirements and is a certified SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II facility. The data center provides a secure environment through 24x7x365 monitoring of inside and outside of facility through videos cameras and motion detectors, locked cabinets and cages, and has badge access system including dual physical and biometric mantrap entry to colocation space. The data center uses FM 200 waterless fire suppression system to protect the infrastructure from any fire.

The Royal Oak data center is a reliable and fault tolerant power infrastructure with minimum N+1 redundancy at each critical level. The power to the data center is fed from 3 power substations within 1 mile providing N+2 substation redundancy. The entire critical infrastructure is protected by dual UPS system in N+1 redundant configuration with separate battery strings providing 1,350 kVA power capable for more than 10 minutes of backup time at full load. The 2 x 750 kVA Kohler diesel generators capable of producing 1.5 MW of accumulated power provides emergency power on prolonged power outage with each 2,000 gallons of fuel storage tank onsite and multiple refuelling contracts. The data center provides two separate electrical paths in A+B design to each cabinet, and provides power density of 200+ watts per square feet or 15 kW per rack. The cooling and humidity in the data center is automated through multiple 30 tons HVAC air handlers in N+1 redundant configuration for the optimized hardware performance.

Liberty Center One’s 4815 Delemere Ave data center is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity to multiple carriers and service provider. The data center high availability network is protected by a 100% core Cisco network in N+3 redundancy configured in a redundant mesh. The data center has diverse fiber entries with each carrier entry is protected in underground by steel conduit. The BGP routing is used to automatic failover protection. The onsite staff provides the helpdesk and technical support services.

Liberty Center One offers a full range of technology solutions meeting the needs of enterprise level customers located in Royal oak. The company specializes in data center services such as colocation, dedicated servers, virtual private servers, managed services, and shared hosting services. Liberty Center One offers modern networking solutions, including SONET/OC, Gigabit Ethernet, and TDM connections, and can accommodate IT hotel space on short or long term lease for disaster recovery services. The company also provides services like  software and website design, development, deployment, and maintenance. The company also offers encrypted off-site DR backup and data archiving and restoration services. Liberty Center One’s serves the leading businesses in manufacturing, health care management, financial services, logistic management, IT services, banking and content delivery companies. Liberty Center One  was founded in 2007 and is based in Royal oak, MI.

Liberty Center One – Royal Oak Data Center
4815 Delemere Ave.
Royal Oak, MI 48073

Liberty Center One – Royal Oak Data Center Highlights

  • Tier III Infrastructure Facility
  • 4,000 Square Feet of IT Hotel Office Space with Conference Room and Equipment Build Out Facilities
  • Colocation
    • Single Server
    • Half and Full Locked Cabinets
    • Customized Caged Space
  • 7,800 Square Feet of Data Center Space
  • SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II Certified Facility
  • Security
    • 24x7x365 Monitoring Of Inside and Outside
    • Videos Cameras and Motion Detectors
    • Locked Cabinets and Cages
    • Badge Access System
    • Biometric Mantrap Entry
  • FM 200 Waterless Fire Suppression System
  • Minimum N+1 Redundancy at Each Critical Level
  • 3 Power Substations Within 1 Mile Providing N+2 Substation Redundancy
  • UPS System In N+1 Redundancy
    • 1,350 kVA of UPS Power
    • Separate Battery Strings
    • 10 Minutes of Backup Time at Full Load
  • Standby Power
    • 2 x 750 kVA Kohler Diesel Generators
    • 1.5 MW of Accumulated Power
    • 2,000 Gallons of Fuel Storage Tank Onsite
    • Multiple Refuelling Contracts
  • Two Separate Electrical Paths in A+B Design
  • Power Density of 200+ Watts Per Square Feet or 15 kW Per Rack
  • Multiple 30 Tons HVAC Air Handlers in N+1 Redundant Configuration
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • 100% Core Cisco Network in N+3 Redundancy
  • Diverse Fiber Entries with Each Carrier Entry Protected in Underground Steel Conduit
  • BGP Routing for Automatic Failover Protection

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