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ColocationPLUS – Rantoul Data Center Site 1

ColocationPLUS™ owns and operates three US-based Full Service Data centers located in Central Illinois. High availability hosting is provided through redundant Power Delivery, Connectivity, Cooling, and Geographically Separate Facilities.

The ex-military facility, is their first data center, located in Rantoul, Illinois. This facility is outfitted with robust security measures, connections to separate A-B power grids, backup generators, redundant Tier-1 ISP’s and is connected to their private fiber network.

Their second Rantoul data center was designed with scalability as their primary concern. This large facility provides their clients with the space and flexibility to grow when and how they need to. This site is a walk-in friendly facility but still features a high degree of physical and logical security measures as well as private cages.

Their third facility, located in Champaign, is conveniently situated near Illinois’s flagship school- the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Research Park and the downtown area. This data center boasts impressive connectivity with service from 5 different Tier-1 ISP’s. This impressive enterprise grade network is further enhanced by connections to their Rantoul facilities via their private fiber network and backed up by a radio tower link as well.

Their data centers are well positioned to provide colocation and disaster recovery hosting to organizations located in Chicago, Saint Louis and Indianapolis as well as the rest of the country.
• Easily accessible from Chicago, Saint Louis and Indianapolis
• Low occurrence of natural disasters
• Provides geographic separation for disaster recovery
• Power partially sourced from local solar farm

ColocationPLUS offer a variety of colocation solutions for server equipment of all types. Our services can be scaled to meet the demands of your company’s IT hosting needs with regards to space, power, connectivity and additional management services. We specialize in providing hosting for High Power Density Servers such as GPU Servers, Crypto Miners, and Blade Servers. High power density servers are capable of providing drastic performance increases over a traditional server but require a hosting provider with the knowledge and infrastructure to support them.

ColocationPLUS is the latest initiative of Prominic.NET, a managed hosting provider with two decades of experience. ColocationPLUS provides a myriad of offerings for businesses, including colocation solutions, management services, and High Power Density hosting.

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ColocationPLUS – Rantoul Data Center Site 1
101 W International Avenue
Rantoul, Illinois 61866

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