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Bluebird Underground – Springfield Data Center

The Bluebird Underground Data Center is located at 1904 N. LeCompte Springfield, Missouri 65802. The data center is located 85 feet below the surface and is surrounded by solid limestone. The data center provides amenities like conference room, office space, break room, staging area, and rest rooms.

The data center offers secure colocation space including one third, half and full cabinets, and 100 square feet of caged space. The data center provides a total of 80,000 square feet of space featuring 32,000 square feet of raised floor space. The data center has implemented state of the art security procedures to gain access to data center with first scanning personal security cardkey that gains entry to mantrap area while at the same time verifying digital stored photo and biometric information. The biometric authentication and physical examination is performed to exit from mantrap. Access to common area, individual building, and equipment has separate authentication procedures implemented. The data center has video surveillance of all entry & exit points and interior of facility with storage facility. The data center is protected from fire through the uses FM 200 fire suppression system within each building, and double interlocked dry pipe fire suppression system in common area. Fire detection is provided by standard smoke and ionized detection systems in common areas while VESDA control in critical areas.

The Bluebird Underground Data Center provides a reliable and fault tolerant power infrastructure offering 100% SLA for all electrical services. The power to data center is served from a dedicated underground substation feed. The entire critical infrastructure is protected by parallel redundant UPS system fed from two separate battery banks. The emergency power to data center is provided by 2 MW diesel generator on the prolonged power outage. One of the key benefit of underground data center is the natural year-round air temperature of 60-64 F. The redundant Liebert three pipe chilled water cooling units effectively controls the cooling and humidity levels in the facility.

Bluebird Underground’s 1904 N. LeCompte data center is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity to multiple carriers and service providers. The data center offers traditional broadband services utilizing the latest in SONET ring technology with failover options. 24x7x365 onsite support is available.

Bluebird offers metro Ethernet services and operates an underground data center facility in Springfield, MO. The company operates owns and operates an extensive fiber optic network, over 350 route miles of fiber throughout Springfield metropolitan area. Bluebird operates as a division of City Utility that is serving Southwest Missouri with electricity, natural gas, water, broadband, and transit services. City Utility has built Bluebird Underground Data Center in 2000. The City Utility was founded in 1945 and is based in Springfield, MO.

Bluebird Underground – Springfield Data Center
1904 N Le Compte Rd
Springfield, MO 65802

Bluebird Underground – Springfield Data Center Highlights

  • Located 85 Feet Below the Surface
  • Surrounded by Solid Limestone
  • Amenities
    • Conference Room
    • Office Space
    • Break Room
    • Staging Area
    • Rest Rooms
  • Colocation
    • One Third
    • Half and Full Cabinets
    • 100 Square Feet of Caged Space
  • 80,000 Square Feet of Space
  • 32,000 Square Feet of Raised Floor Space
  • Security
    • Personal Security Card Key
    • Digital Stored Photo
    • Biometric Authentication
    • Physical Examination by by Security Guards
    • Video Surveillance
    • Mantrap Entry
  • Fire Detection and Suppression System
    • FM 200 Fire Suppression System Within Each Building
    • Double Interlocked Dry Pipe Fire Suppression System in Common Area
    • Standard Smoke And Ionized Detection Systems In Common Areas
    • VESDA Control
  • Reliable and Fault Tolerant Power Infrastructure
  • 100% SLA for All Electrical Services
  • Dedicated Underground Substation Feed
  • Parallel Redundant UPS System Fed From Two Separate Battery Banks
  • 2 MW Diesel Generator
  • Redundant Liebert Three Pipe Chilled Water Cooling Units
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • 24x7x365 Onsite Support

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