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Wowrack Wow Technologies Inc. – Seattle Data Center #1

Wowrack Seattle data 2 center is located at 12201 Tukwila International Blvd, inside the Sabey Technology Campus, and one of two data centers in Seattle, WA. The data center building is located near Tacoma International Airport and outside of Seattle fault zone and liquefaction area. The building is located on top of a hill, far above highway 99 and poses little or no risk of flooding, and is also a Tier3+ building and rated to Seismic Zone 3 specifications. The data center is SSAE 16 SOC-I Type II certified and has excellent security features like 24×7 video surveillance, elevator access level security, locked cabinets and suites, and security personnel schedule rounds at pre determined time. The authorized access to the data centers is granted through key cards and biometric scanners. The unauthorized access to the data center is strictly schedule and escorted by Wowrack Staff. The facility provides 8000 square feet of space and 1+ MW of power from Seattle City Light. The data center has redundant UPS system to provide emergency power to the equipment and automatic transfer of load to auto started back up generators with N redundancy. The data center has multiple service contracts with local fuel companies in the event of a city wide power loss. The N+1 configured HVAC units have been installed to properly maintain the cooling and humidity in the data center. The fire suppression sprinkler system with pre action dry pipe is installed in the data center. FM 200 fire suppression system is installed in some areas of data center.

Colocation services are provided through cabinets (1U, 10U, 20U, 42U), caged space and private suites upto 5000 square feet. The circuits to cabinets with multiple power densities are offered and include 20 A @ 110V, 20 A @ 208V, 30 A @ 110V, and 30 A @ 208V. The data center is a carrier neutral facility and is directly peered with over 100 other networks which include the largest ISP’s, corporations and Internet organizations. The facility is running on 100% fully redundant Cisco enterprise network with BGP and HSRP protocols. The data center has multi Gbps and 10 Gbps capable backbone providers, and flow control protocols are enabled to ensure high network services level with low latencies and high availability. The staff monitors the infrastructure 24x7x365 to ensure SLA and system availability, and include professionals with major industry certifications.

About Wowrack

Wow Technologies Inc., founded in 2001, and is based in Seattle, Washington. Wowrack runs and operates Internet Data Center (IDC), providing various hosting services including managed hosting solutions, dedicated server solutions, virtualization, colocation, bandwidth delivery and managed services. The core competency is being able to design, provision, implement, manage and monitor high traffic websites that require high availability and redundant infrastructure. Wowrack provides end-to-end corporate IT solutions including project management, systems management & integration, networking and security solutions, disaster recovery, and help desk support. Wowrack serves a wide range of clientele from small business organizations to Fortune 500 and Dow 30 companies through its four data centers in the United States and four in South East Asia.

Wowrack Wow Technologies Inc. – Seattle Data Center #1
12201 Tukwila Intl. Blvd.
Seattle, WA 98168

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