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Ubiquity Servers – New York Data Center

Built in 1974, and located in close proximity to Wall Street and the NY financial services sector, Ubiquity Servers’ New York data center is located at 100 William Street, New York, NY 10038.

Ubiquity’s New York data center is located in the heart of lower Manhattan’s financial district. The building is 21 stories for a total of 27,880 square feet, and the data center has completed a SAS70 Type II audit. Inside the facility, multiple layers of physical security safeguard clients’ IT assets, including 24 hour a day, seven-day a week security personnel. Biometric palm readers are on all door locks, and cameras and motion detectors are deployed throughout the facility. The temperature and humidity levels are also continuously monitored.

Uniquity is also able to provide clients with a 100% uptime service level agreement because of the reliability and stability of their power and network infrastructures. The facility is located in between two different power grids, and the power infrastructure is fully redundant, and set up in an N+1 configuration. Onsite generators provide back up power in the event of a utility power failure, and a 3,000 gallon diesel tank is located on-site. Finally, the network architecture includes redundant Brocade XMR 8000 Edge routing, full router redundancy, and N+1 redundant layer switching. There are three fiber entry points into the facility from multiple power grids and bandwidth providers.

About Ubiquity

Founded in 2004, Ubiquity Servers operates 7 data centers in markets throughout the United States, including Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Seattle. In addition to its co-location services, Ubiquity Servers offers clients additional products such as dedicated servers, managed servers, cloud servers and overstock servers. Ubiquity also provides clients with a DDoS Protected network infrastructure and “Motion Panel”, a unique infrastructure management platform that gives clients access to a variety of mobile and web tools to manage and deploy their servers.

Ubiquity Servers – New York Data Center
100 William Street
New York, NY 10038

Ubiquity Servers – New York Data Center Highlights

  • Carrier neutral facility
  • 21 story building, built in 1974
  • 27,880 square feet
  • 600 KW of N+1 redundant power
  • Biometric hand scanners, 24/7 security personnel
  • 3000 gallon on site diesel tank
  • Alarm system and locking cabinets

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