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TierPoint – Charlotte 2 Data Center

TierPoint’s Charlotte Metro data center is located at 125 N Myers Street, Charlotte, NC 28217. Data center strategically located outside of severe weather and seismic zone, and is rated to withstand hurricane force winds.  The building is masonry and steel construction, and full brick ballistic resistant walls with no exterior windows.

The colocation services are provided through cabinets and caged space. All the cage locks require unique laser etched keys with magnetic signatures to get access. The data center provides 7,370 square feet of 24 inches raised for efficient cooling and airflow to the components. The data center is SSAE 16 SOC I Type II certified facility, and meet the rigorous compliance requirements of PCI DSS and HIPAA. The data center has a very secure environment including 24 x 7 physical security, and sensor driven camera monitoring and recording of all the areas. All door entrance to data center requires a badge to get in and a badge to get out. Two factor authentication that includes the use of biometric hand scanners verifies unique hand geometry image and a heat signature before allowing entry into data center. Double man trap with ballistic rated glass forces double verification and provides extra secure data center entry.

Facility is located on a primary power grid in close proximity to the local power substation, and 2N or plus power system design with redundant utility transformers, generators, Automatic Transfer Switches (ATSs), main switch panels, UPSs and PDUs.  The power to data center is fed through two power grids with power distribution consist of an A and B methodology. Dual sourced PDUs delivers A+B utility feed to each cabinet. Redundant 1.5 MW of diesel generator provides the backup facility on the loss of utility power for more than one week without need to refuel at current load. All the power infrastructure including cages and cabinets are properly grounded. N+1 configured CRAC units are strategically positioned around the data center for optimal airflow efficiency. Moisture containment basins and sensors ensure no moisture gets in the data center. 24-inch raised floor provides conditioned air for more efficient and effective cooling of computer equipment. The facility has separate and redundant cooling for critical areas including NOC, MIS, and Security, and also provides leak detection under all raised floors. Foreseer brand Building Management System is installed with on site and remote monitoring and control of all HVAC, generators, UPS systems and switchboards, as well as other mechanical systems.

Charlotte metro data center is a carrier neutral facility and offers redundant fiber access. The network infrastructure is Cisco certified core network, and access to TierPoint MPLS network. TierPoint utilize Internet and MPLS connectivity via multiple fiber routes in and out of colocation, as well as diverse paths to the Internet. 24 x 7 x 365 Network Operation Center (NOC) provides help desk services to the customers.

About TierPoint

TierPoint is a leading provider of cloud, colocation, and managed services designed to improve the business performance and manage risk. The company owns and operates six state of the art carrier class and carrier neutral data centers in key locations across the United States. TierPoint offer cost effective and flexible cloud computing solutions with the highest levels of security, reliability and performance. These cloud solution are built on industry leading technologies such as VMware, EVault, Dell, and Fortinet, and each cloud environment is custom configured to include compute resources, data storage, security, backup options, software licenses, and bandwidth. TierPoint’s managed services offerings include backup and restore services, business continuity, managed networks, wireless network, TierPoint CleanIP, web hosting, and many others. The company was founded in 2010, and is based in Saint Louis, MO.

TierPoint – Charlotte 2 Data Center
125 N. Myers Street
Charlotte, NC 28217

TierPoint – Charlotte 2 Data Center Highlights

  • Located Outside Severe Weather and Seismic Zone
  • Rated to Withstand Hurricane Force Winds
  • Ballistic Resistant Walls with No Exterior Windows
  • SSAE 16 SOC I Type II Certified Facility
  • Cabinets and Caged Space Solutions
  • 24 Inches Raised Floor Design
  • Physical Security and Video Surveillance 24 x 7 x 365
  • Biometric Scanner and Badge System Authentication Entry
  • Double Mantrap Facility
  • 2N Power Design
  • A and B Methodology Power Distribution
  • Dual Power Source PDUs
  • 1.5 MW Diesel Generator
  • N+1 Configured CRAC Units
  • Moisture Containment Basins
  • Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Cooling Design
  • Properly Grounded Equipment
  • Building Management System
  • Carrier Neutral
  • Access to Windstream MPLS Network

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