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Stone Mountain Dataplex – Olive Hill Data Center

Stone Mountain Dataplex’s Olive Hill data center is located at 235 A Tom T. Hall Blvd., Olive Hill, KY 41164. The Stone Mountain Dataplex is a state of the art data center complex located inside of mountain in Kentucky. The data center is behind 40 foot thick solid walls but is located 300 feet above the ground. Multiple airports are available within 45 minutes drive of the complex in both KY and WV. The data center is located in a disaster free zone with very low to no risk of natural disaster such as tornado, hurricane, earthquake etc.

Stone Mountain Dataplex is a Tier IV infrastructure, and is plan to be built in different phases. The complex initial phases have seven building data center with each building having 12,800 square feet of total space, two floors, 10,000 square feet of 24 inches raised floor, and 17 feet clear ceiling height. The data center currently provides 400,000 square feet of subterranean data center space, 100,000 square feet of data center space, 100,000 square of office space, 60,000 square feet of cafeteria/meeting facility, 12,000 maintenance building, 12,000 square feet of vehicle maintenance facility, and 50,000 square feet of warehouse building. The completed portion of the project is referred as phase I-III while remaining phases of the project include more than 400 data centers, office buildings, warehouses and support and security buildings, which will be built in phases with the completion in 2018.

The Stone Mountain Dataplex was conceived in the post 9/11 era when it became apparent of the need to provide commercial clients the same security and reliability afforded to government entities. Multiple natural security barriers such as river and cliffs surround the complex with multiple security rings both inside and outside the mountain for additional security protection. The Police powers are granted by the State to onsite security force to allow the carrying of automatic weapons and with arrest powers. The complex has onsite ground radar, biometric access, and other electronic security and surveillance measures. The complex has onsite fire station, sheriff station, and EMS station with helipad.

The complex has four separate power companies with over 20 individual power plants are available to feed the power needs of the complex as it grows. The complex has applied for LEED platinum rating with low carbon footprint and uses solar, wind and other green alternative sources for non-critical electric needs. The complex is benefitted from extremely low cost of approximately 2 cents per KWH power, and abundant supply from green power plants such as coal-gasification, hydro and natural gas. The complex has multiple gas pipelines to the property as well as onsite natural gas sources that is also used for natural gas powered backup generators. The use of LED lighting where possible reduce heat and lower non-critical power usage. The internal ambient temperature of 52 degrees round the year naturally reduce cooling cost and power consumption. The complex has abundant naturally chilled ground water via artesian wells for green chiller effect.

Stone Mountain Complex is a carrier neutral facility and offers cross connect to virtually all carriers with no cross connect fees. The massive amounts of abundant fiber is installed reaching out to over 300 PoPs. The complex is multi-homed, diverse routed fiber connections for total reliability, and provides satellite uplinks to backup fiber connectivity. Stone Mountain owns and operates the Last Mile of fiber and the meet me rooms.



Stone Mountain Dataplex – Olive Hill Data Center
235 A Tom T. Hall Blvd.
Olive Hill, KY 41164

Stone Mountain Dataplex – Olive Hill Data Center Highlights

  • Tier IV Infrastructure
  • Located Inside of Mountain in Kentucky.
  • Behind 40 Foot Thick Solid Walls
  • Located 300 Feet Above the Ground
  • Multiple Airports Available within 45 Minutes’ Drive
  • Located in Disaster Free Zone
  • Initial Phases Built Out
    • Seven Building Data Center
    • Each Building having 12,800 Square Feet of Total Space
    • Each Building having Two Floors
    • Each Building having 10,000 Square Feet of 24 Inches Raised Floor
    • Each Building having 17 Feet Clear Ceiling Height
  • Space
    • 400,000 Square Feet of Subterranean Data Center Space
    • 100,000 Square Feet Of Data Center Space
    • 100,000 Square of Office Space
    • 60,000 Square Feet of Cafeteria/Meeting Facility
    • 12,000 Maintenance Building
    • 12,000 Square Feet of Vehicle Maintenance Facility
    • 50,000 Square Feet of Warehouse Building
  • Final Built to be Completed in 2018
  • Security
    • Multiple Natural Security Barriers Such as River and Cliffs
    • Security Rings Both Inside and Outside the Mountain
    • Security Rings Both Inside and Outside the Mountain
    • Onsite Ground Radar
    • Biometric Access
    • Other Electronic Security and Surveillance Measures
  • Onsite Fire Station, Sheriff Station and EMS Station with Helipad
  • Four Separate Power Companies with Over 20 Individual Power Plants
  • Applied for LEED Platinum Rating
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • Solar, Wind and Other Green Alternative Sources for Non-Critical Electric Needs
  • Extremely Low Cost of Approximately 2 Cents Per KWH Power
  • Multiple Gas Pipelines to Property as Well as Onsite Natural Gas Sources
  • Natural Gas Powered Backup Generators
  • Internal Ambient Temperature of 52 Degrees Round the Year
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Free Cross Connect Facility
  • Satellite Uplinks to Backup Fiber Connectivity


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