Sago Networks – Atlanta Data Center

Sago Networks’ Atlanta data center is located at 4311 Communications Drive, Norcross, GA 30093. The data center is located about 20 miles from downtown Atlanta. The data center provides office space for technicians, suites, and office space for customers. Sago Networks colocation offerings range from 1/3 cabinet, 1/4 cabinet, half and full cabinet, cage space, private suites, and colocubes.

The data center provides approximately 11,000 square feet of total space, including the data center which is regularly audited in accordance with SSAE 16 type II requirements and offers solutions in adherence to HIPAA compliance requirements. The data center has implemented stringent physical security at several levels with security guards, identification through government issued ID, 24 x 7 authorized user access, and monitoring through 100 digital cameras with retention of footage for 90 days. The access to data center is authenticated through the use of biometric scanner and proximity cards.

The Atlanta data center provides a reliable power infrastructure with redundancy at every level. Power to the facility is fed through redundant power feeds and the entire critical infrastructure is protected by a N+2 MGE UPS system with battery backup that is further supported by Power Management Modules (PMM). Battery backup includes 1,250 gel cell Yuasa DSS series batteries that are configured in five independent strings, each running in a series at 600V each. Further, each UPS also connects to two independent dry cell battery strings. Emergency power to data center is provided by auto started redundant diesel generators with fuel storage onsite. The CRAC units in N+2 redundant configurations maintain the cooling and humidity levels, and provide more than 800 tons of cooling for the optimum performance of installed components.

Sago Networks’ 4311 Communications Drive data center is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity to multiple Tier I providers, including Level 3, Global Crossing, PCCW Global, Qwest, AT&T, ZAYO, TW Telecom, Comcast, Windstream, XO Communications, and dozens of other service providers in the US and globally. The data center has diverse fiber entrances and offers 99.99% uptime SLA. The 24 x 7 x 365 NOC staff provides monitoring, technical support services, and remote hands services.

Sago Networks LLC is a privately owned company providing premier data center solutions and broadband Internet solutions. The company offers one stop solutions for all of its customer’s bandwidth and custom telecommunication needs.  The company specializes in dedicated servers, backup and storage, virtual private servers and cluster hosting, and colocation. The company also offers a diverse portfolio of services and solutions, such as managed services, disaster recovery and business continuity, professional services, Internet access, development, and healthcare solutions. Sago Networks owns and operates three state of the art data centers with Atlanta and Miami are the two largest NAP in South Eastern US.

Sago Networks solely owns its own long distance fiber optic (DWDM) network that spans from Tampa to Daytona, Miami, Jacksonville and then up to Atlanta, GA. Sago also provides wireline and wireless connectivity to apartments, commercial office buildings, government facilities, and condominiums at wholesale rates. Sago Networks has diversified businesses that is active in web hosting, real estate, cellular telephone tower construction, wireless networking, fiber optic long haul transport, and many other business segments. Sago Networks provides services to hospitals, radiology, and other medical practices. Sago is also the preferred data center and ASP infrastructure for multiple Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) software providers nationwide. Sago Networks was founded in 1998 and is based in Tampa, FL.

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Sago Networks – Atlanta Data Center

Sago Networks – Atlanta Data Center
4311 Communications Drive
Norcross, GA 30093

Sago Networks – Atlanta Data Center Highlights

  • Located About 20 Miles from Downtown Atlanta
  • Office Space For Technicians
  • Suites and Office Space for Customers
  • Colocation
    • 1/3 Cabinet
    • 1/4 Cabinet
    • Half and Full Cabinet
    • Cage Space
    • Private Suites
    • Colocubes
  • 11,000 Square Feet of Total Space
  • Certifications and Compliance
    • SSAE 16 Type II
    • HIPAA
  • Security
    • Security Guards
    • Identification Through Government Issued ID Card/Driving License
    • 24×7 Authorized User Access
    • Monitoring Through 100 Digital Cameras
    • Retention Of Footage For 90 Days
    • Biometric Scanner
    • Proximity Cards
  • Redundant Power Feeds
  • N+2 MGE UPS System with Battery Backup
  • Power Management Modules (PMM)
  • 1,250 Gel Cell Yuasa DSS Series Batteries
  • Five Independent Strings Each Running in Series at 600V Each
  • Each UPS Connected to Two Independent Dry Cell Battery Strings
  • Auto Started Redundant Diesel Generators
  • CRAC Units in N+1 Redundant Configuration
  • 800 Tons of Cooling
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Diverse Fiber Entrances
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • 24x7x365 NOC Staff
  • Remote Hands Services