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RockyNet – Boulder Data Center

RockyNet Inc. is a Louisville, Colorado based data center and cloud computing provider. It offers its colocation services, cloud computing, dedicated servers, virtual machines, web hosting, and other services through its newly designed state of the art data centers. RockeyNet has been in the server business since 1996, and has decided to upgrade its facilities by building its own data center in Louisville, Colorado in 2007.

RockyNet’s Louisville data center is located at 382 S. Arthur Ave, Louisville, Colorado. The data center has achieved many of the industry standardizations like HIPPA Compliant, PCI Compliant and SSAE. The data center has been designed with redundancy at every level and all infrastructures have been provided on 18 inch static free raised flooring for maximum airflow, organized cabling, and power infrastructure. The security of the data center is monitored through surveillance cameras and card reader electronically logs any access to the facility. The power facility is designed with a focus to the redundancy; UPS provides the backup facility to the entire infrastructure till the generator takes the load. The dual UPS system meets the demand A&B feeds if needed. The cooling and humidity control is maintained by redundant n+1, 20-ton Liebert HVAC units and supported by redundant power. The data center has multiple bandwidth providers to ensure for the continued services in case of any failure and support upto 1000 Mbps.

About RockyNet

RockyNet Virtualization as a Service (Vass) to any size businesses to virtualize and data with the choice to control their own secure hypervisor. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) services can be installed by professionals with speed and reliability with the access to the virtual servers through standard access protocols like RDP, VNC, SSH, OpenVPN, WHM/CPanel etc. RockyNet also provide the facility for the off -site backup for the critical data and services. The customers support is provided through ticketing system and Network Operation Center staff is continuously available for the solution.
hipaa compliance pci compliance

RockyNet – Boulder Data Center
382 S. Arthur Ave.
Louisville, CO 80027

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