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Revelation Network Management RevNet – RNDC #1 Braham Data Center

Revelation Network Management RevNet’s Braham data center is located at 205 SW 2nd St., Braham, MN 55006. The data center provides colocation through rack units in 1U increment and full cabinets. The data center building is a foot thick wall construction. The data center security features secured entry in the facility and 24x7x365 video surveillance.

The data center provides a reliable power infrastructure. The immediate power failure is protected by Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system with A/B feeds to customer’s equipment. The emergency power to the data center is provided by diesel generator on the loss of utility power. The generator has 12 days of fuel supply onsite providing the continuous backup power supply in prolonged outages. The data center is equipped with dedicated air conditioning units for effectively moderating cooling and humidity in the data center.

The data center is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity to multiple service providers. The data center has 1 Gbps Internet connectivity to Cogent Communications, 1 Gbps Internet connectivity to Hurricane Electric, 100 Mbps Cross Connection to Charter Communications, 1 Gbps Connection to Mankato Networks, and 1 Gbps connection to Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange (MICE). The data center provides fiber optic connectivity to Minneapolis, MN up to 10 Gbps service and fiber optic connectivity to RNDC#2.

About Revelation Network

Revelation Network Management, Inc. specializes in information disaster recovery, colocation services, and managed services. RevNetData utilizes Asigra cloud backup software as its main offsite backup offering that offers an end to end data protection solution to protect servers, desktops, laptops, structured and unstructured applications, and raw files residing on the LAN as well as laptops in the field. Asigra supports Public, Private and Hybrid cloud environments. RevNetData provides has two data center facilities, and can be used as either hot or warm site. The company provides customers to replicate their SAN infrastructure to its data centers through open-e SAN replication. The company is based in Braham, MN.

Revelation Network Management RevNet – RNDC #1 Braham Data Center
205 SW 2nd St.
Braham, MN 55006

Revelation Network Management RevNet – RNDC #1 Braham Data Center Highlights

  • Rack Units in 1U Increment
  • Full Cabinets
  • Foot Thick Wall Construction
  • Secured Entry
  • 24x7x365 Video Surveillance
  • UPS System with A/B Feeds
  • Diesel Generator
  • 12 Days of Fuel Supply Onsite
  • Dedicated Air Conditioning Units
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Fiber Optic Connectivity to Minneapolis, MN Upto 10 Gbps
  • Fiber Optic Connectivity to RNDC#2

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