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Quadranet – Dallas Datacenter

Quadranet’s Dallas co-location facility is housed in a 68,000 square foot facility that is located at 3004 Irving Blvd, Dallas TX 75247. It features an industry leading power-to-space ratio as well as 80 gigabits per second of bandwidth capacity.

Each co-location facility has multiple features and specifications that make it an attractive option for businesses’ IT infrastructure needs. Each location offers customized, scalable solutions including cabinets, racks and private suites. 1U thru 4U, 1/4 cabinets, 1/2 cabinets, and full cabinets are also available. In addition to scalable options, 24/7/365 on-site engineers ensure a maximum level of technical support. Each facility also provides free crash carts and a free workbench area for clients.

Power and up-time at Quadranet’s co-locations are supported by redundant UPS units as well as Caterpillar diesel generators located on site.   Quadrant’s data centers also feature extensive network and bandwidth capabilities including redundant up-links, secure private VLANs, locally hosted DNS resolvers and free on-demand KVM over IP. All locations have ports that are upgradable to 10,000 megabits per second. These power and network configurations allow Quadranet to offer clients a 100% up-time service level agreement for power, and a 99.999% up-time service level agreement for network access.

In addition to its co-location services, Quadranet also has a variety of other services. Dedicates servers are available as single processor, dual processor, SAN, and high bandwidth. Each of their dedicated server options come with automated OS installs, over 140 gbits/s of capacity and remote power control. Quadranet’s enterprise solutions also include server management, backup solutions, CDN and DNS services as well as automated installation systems.

About Quadranet

Founded in 2001, Quadranet began as a telecommunications provider in Los Angeles and since then, has grown to be one of the largest providers in California for dedicated services, co-location, data storage and cloud hosting. Quadranet operates 3 data centers within the United States, within the important markets of Los Angeles, Dallas and Miami.

Quadranet – Dallas Datacenter
3004 Irving Blvd
Dallas, TX 75247

Quadranet – Dallas Datacenter Highlights

  • Cabinets, suites and cages available
  • Free crash carts
  • Free workbench area with PXE autoinstaller
  • Catepillar diesel generators
  • 24x7x365 onsite support engineers
  • Secure, private VLANs

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