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QTS (Quality Technology Services) – Suwanee Data Center

QTS’s Suwanee data center is located at 300 Satellite Blvd. NW, Suwanee, GA 30024.  The data center is located in valley, adds extra protection from strong winds and allows for a more private and secure settings. The facility has wind rating of 85 MPH and is a tilt up concrete structure with reinforced steel.

QTS offers space options from single cabinets to multi rack cages to private suites. The data center is a 370,000 square foot facility with 185,000 square feet of 48 inch raised floor capable of supporting 6000 lb four point load. The customer office and conference room space also available on site. The data center is SSAE 16 Type II certified. The facility has excellent security measures with security guards and video surveillance covering interior and exterior of  the building. All building entrances requires card key access while data center requires card key and two factor biometric authentication including finger print and iris scan.

Utility power to the data center is provided via 4 independent and redundant Georgia power feeds. Three unique UPS systems deliver protection to the data center floor; (1) Six Hitech series 1800 KVA rotary constant power units supply up to 7.2 MW of power to the data floor with N+1 redundancy with Backup generator protection provided six built-in 1.44 MW diesel generators in N+2 redundancy configuration; (2) 10 MW Active Power UPS systems supply power to the data floor with N+1 redundancy with backup generator protection provided by six Caterpillar 2.25 MW diesel units in an N+1 redundancy configuration; (3) 8 MW Liebert N+1 UPS systems supplies power to the data floor with N+1 redundancy with backup generator protection provided by six Kohler 2.8 MW diesel units in an N+1 redundancy configuration. All power cabling below floors is installed in either conduit or seal tight flexible conduit with approved connectors to all equipment.

The facility is equipped with over 200, 30 tons Liebert CRAC units configured as N+1 redundancy to control the cooling and humidity. The pre action dry fire suppression system with VESDA, and smoke sensors above and below the raised floor is installed in the facility for safety. Air temperature, humidity, fire detection and water pressure are managed by automated control system, which pages all alert situations to trained facility engineers.

The data center is a carrier neutral facility providing access to multiple providers for local fiber, Internet connectivity. The data center has diverse fiber entrances into building including multiple central office redundancy. QTS metro connect services offer connectivity to providers in 56 Marietta (Carrier Hotel). Internal cabling, copper, coax or fiber access, to carrier bandwidth using cable management systems throughout the facility. The engineers are trained to control and maintain all critical facility components, and are available by pager.

About Quality Technology Services

QTS (Quality Technology Services) is a leading provider of data center solutions and fully managed services. QTS offers a complete unique portfolio of core data center products including custom data center services, colocation services, and cloud computing. QTS offers value added services including managed data center services, connectivity, professional and migration services. The company also provides customer solutions such as healthcare, federal, enterprise, publishing and media, and Software as a Service (SaaS). QTS provides the flexibility, scalability and security needed to support the rapidly evolving infrastructure demands of web and IT applications through. The company owns, operates and manages 14 data centers in United States, provides approximately 3.8 million square feet of state of the art data center infrastructure, and supports more than 850 customers. QTS was incorporated in 2005, and headquartered in Overland Park, Kanas.

QTS (Quality Technology Services) – Suwanee Data Center
300 Satellite Blvd.
Suwanee, GA 30024

QTS (Quality Technology Services) – Suwanee Data Center Highlights

  • 85 MPH Wind Rating
  • 185,000 Square Feet of 48 Inches Raised Floor
  • Customer Office and Conference Rooms
  • Cabinets, Caged Space, and Private Suites
  • SSAE 16 Type II Certified
  • Security Guards Presence, and Video Surveillance
  • Card Key, and Biometric Authentication
  • 4 Independant and Redundant Georgia Power Feeds
  • Three Unique UPS Systems
    • 6 x 1800 KVA supply 7.2 MW  in N+ 1 Configuration
    • 10 MW Active Power in N+1 Configuration
    • 8 MW Liebert UPS System in N+1 Configuration
  • Generator to Support Three UPS System Respectively
    • 6 Built In 1.44 MW in N+2 Configuration
    • 6 Caterpillar 2.25 MW in N+1 Configuration
    • 6 Kohler 2.8 MW in N+1 Configuration
  • Over 200, 30 Tons Liebert CRAC Units in N+1 Configuration
  • FM 200, Dry Pipe Fire Suppression with VESDA
  • Automated Control Systems
  • Carrier Neutral Connectivity
  • Monitoring 24x7x365 by QTS Engineers
  • Facility Engineers Available by Pager

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