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Pac-West – Los Angeles Data Center

The Los Angeles Pac-West data center is located at 624 S Grand #1210. The data center is a multiple carrier grade facility offering colocation services through Telco and data cabinets, and custom cage layouts. The data center provides an excellent cooling environment, power, and incomparable connectivity to Pac-West’s extensive network footprint and other top-tier network service providers. The security of the data center is fully monitored 24×7, and access to the data center is also restricted through authentication system. Remote hands service is also offered to the customers by their trained staff.

About Pac-West

Pac-West TelasticTM on-demand services offer value, reliability, and security to the enterprises. Telastic provides a comprehensive set of core telecom components available from border controller technology to application scalability and wholesale VoIP and PBX white-label offerings. Telastic enable carriers and service providers to evolve from the mindset of using expensive, cumbersome and inefficient legacy telecom infrastructure into a service-based approach that is easy to adopt, scalable and cost-effective. Telastic has been honored with the 2010 Internet Telephony Magazine Product of the Year Award for innovation, because it efficiently brings the power of elastic cloud computing to the telecommunications industry. Pac-West LLC, headquartered in Stockton, California and founded in 1980, has provided communications infrastructure services that have enabled the world’s best carriers and service providers to get a competitive edge and keep it.  The communications services company sells wholesale voice and data access and managed services to retail carriers, internet service providers, VoIP providers, cable operators, call centers, and others. Services include  local and toll-free, termination, domestic, international, transport, broadband private lines and virtual private lines. The company also operates colocation allowing customers to house their network systems at Pac-West’s switching centers to reduce operational costs. Its growing network footprint covers more than 40 states and about two-thirds of the US population. Pac-West also offers a full set of database services including directory service, Caller Name (CNAM) lookup, local number portability (LNP), SMS, and e911.

Pac-West – Los Angeles Data Center
624 South Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90017

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