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Nexcess – Southfield Datacenter

Located in the heart of Southeastern Michigan, in a suburb of Detroit, Nexcess’ Southfield data center is located at 21700 Melrose Ave, Southfield MI 48075.

Nexcess’ Southfield data center is a total of 16,000 square feet, with 12,000 square feet segmented off for data center operations. Power is supplied by DTE, which delivers an estimated 3 megawatts of total power to the facility, which is fed through dual transformers at 4,000 amps and 480 volts.   Power is then distributed by Liebert distribution units with a mix of A, B and tertiary power options are available. A dual Liebert UPS system allows the power distribution system to allocate power at N, N+1 or N+2 redundancy configurations. Power back up systems are currently run through two primary, and 1 redundant 750 kilowatt generators which provide system critical power in an N+1 configuration.

The cooling systems are configured in an N+x format. Liebert dry systems deliver a continuous 250 tons of cooling to the facility. Cooling is then distributed in an N+1 redundancy configuration, with each room receiving anywhere from 22 to 30 tons.

About Nexcess

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Nexcess operates 4 data centers worldwide, with 1 in Australia and the United Kingdom, and the other 2 located in Southfield and Dearborn. Nexcess’ Southfield data center serves as its global headquarters and largest U.S. point of presence. All of Nexcess’ data centers are built with redundant network connections, power supply, cooling systems and fire protection. Nexcess also guarantees 100% uptime of these services through their service level agreement. Since 2012, all Nexcess data centers are also SSAE 16 certified and Nexcess continues to have annual examinations to verify that they meet the standards for compliance. In addition to its co-location facilities, Nexcess also offers clients a suite of stable and scalable web hosting services including mageneto E-Commerce, shared, word press and ExpressionEngine hosting. Nexcess also offers dedicated and clustered servers, customized hosting solutions as well as domain registration.  Shared hosting services include everything from email accounts, FTP accounts, access logs, a control panel interface and in house support. Clients range anywhere from very small businesses and boutique firms, to large businesses requiring complex hosting solutions.

Nexcess – Southfield Datacenter
21700 Melrose Ave.
Southfield, MI 48075

Nexcess – Southfield Datacenter Highlights

  • 16,000 square feet of total space.
  • 3 megawatts of total power
  • Liebert power distribution units, configured at N, N+1 or N+2
  • Onsite back up generators support 3 megawatts of power

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