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The Morgan Reed Group – Denver Data Center

The Morgan Reed Group Denver data center is located in the central business district, at 15th Street and Champa. It is an ideal carrier hotel building for companies looking for switch site locations, co-location facilities, data centers, disaster recovery and points of presence in downtown Denver. The data center is housed with state of the art building systems, and provides an infrastructure ideal for the special needs required by telecommunication carriers, competitive local exchange carriers, collocation companies, Internet service providers and other bandwidth intensive users. The Morgan Reed Group data center is in a 138,116 square foot building which includes large floor plates and substantial floor load capacity to support the weight of switching equipment, batteries, and transformers. Structural engineers have tested the building and determined that the live floor load capacity is in excess of 100/lbs throughout. The building has no windows, which provides a more stable and secure technical environment, than a traditional building, by providing a thermal break from exterior elements. The Morgan Reed Group data center resides on multiple floors offering abundant space including 18,403 square feet fully built out and 15,000 square feet shell condition space at first floor, 40,000 square feet of shell condition space at second floor, 18,621 and 1300 square feet fully built out space at sub level 1.

The Morgan Reed Group Data center is located adjacent to the Denver Gas and Electric building (Denver’s incumbent carrier hotel building), Qwest’s central switching office, and AT&T’s Denver Main, 1500 Champa is the ideal building in Denver for a telecom carrier hotel. Telecom and data center users can reduce telecommunication link charges by being in the heart of a massive fiber optic intersection. The facility provides tenants with multiple fiber feeds into the building. Tenants will also have the ability to bring their own fiber into the building and connect with existing fiber service at no additional charge through the building Meet-Me rooms. The Morgan Reed Group has 13 fiber providers who service the Meet-Me rooms. Tenants will also be provided with access to one of two building Meet-Me rooms, where tenants may interconnect and tie into each other’s networks. Tenants will be provided with a secured cage or cabinet in the Meet-Me room to place their equipment at no additional charge. The Morgan Reed Group data center provides 24 x 7 HVAC, FM-200 fire suppression, cable trays, power circuits, secured cages, 24 x 7 onsite security, closed circuit cameras, freight elevators,  and security inside the Meet Me rooms.

The Morgan Reed Group – Denver Data Center
1500 Champa St.
Denver, CO 80202

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