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MegaGate Broadband – Hattiesburg Data Center

MegaGate Broadband Hattiesburg data center is located at 6184 US HWY 98 West, Suite 200, Hattiesburg, MS 39402. The data center is a hardener facility that withstood Hurricane Katrina. The data center is located in close proximity to major highways, interstates, and cities such as New Orleans, Mobile, and Jackson. The city is also part of the I-59 Technology Corridor along the 168-mile span of the highway. The data center building is cast concrete structure engineered to meet 200 MPH wind ratings. The data center is located is far away from natural disasters such as hurricanes and tidal surges.

The data center offer colocation space through half cabinet, full cabinet, customized cage space, and private suites. The data center provides raised floor space for subfloor cable management and efficient airflow. The data center features secure environment having 9 feet high security fence, CCTV cameras monitoring indoor and outdoor areas, lockable cabinets, background checks required and numbered key Fobs given and maintained in database, photo identification of all registered users, and secure access through the use of proximity card readers. The alarm system monitors unauthorized intrusion and automatically alert authorities. The data center is protected from fire by FM 200 gas based fire suppression system with heat and smoke detectors installed below the raised floor.

Hattiesburg data center power infrastructure provides a fully redundant environment. The entire critical infrastructure is protected by UPS system with 3900 Amp battery backup system on the loss of utility power. The redundant standby diesel generators are able to provide backup power for continuous 100 hours of runtime with multiple refuelling contracts. The cooling and humidity in the data center is automated through N+1 HVAC units in hot aisle/cold aisle cabinet layout.

MegaGate’s 6184 US HWY 98 West data center is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity to multiple Tier I service providers, and offers 100% SLA on network uptime. The data center provides connection to private networks, the Internet, and public telephone network via SONET ring offering Ethernet and traditional TDM services. The data center technical staff provides support and monitoring services.

MegaGate Broadband is facilities based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) providing services ranging from ringtone, to installation, support, troubleshooting, and billing. The company initially started offering dial-up Internet services to its wireless customers, and later adding voice, data, hosted phone services, and variety of other telecommunication solutions to small and medium sized businesses. MegaGate provides business class telephone services, Internet services, business phone system, and telecommunication consulting services. MegaGate also data and Internet services include WAN-MPLS, VPN, firewall, point-to-point connections, wireless Ethernet, metro Ethernet, T1 lines, DSL, DS3, and OC. The company also offers colocation services,managed services, network design, implementation, and management. MegaGate was founded in 1990 and is based in Hattiesburg, MS.


MegaGate Broadband – Hattiesburg Data Center
6184 U.S. Hwy. 98 W.
Hattiesburg, MS 39402

MegaGate Broadband – Hattiesburg Data Center Highlights

  • Hardener Facility
  • Close Proximity to Major Highways, Interstates, Cities
  • Part of I-59 Technology Corridor Along the 168-Mile Span of The Highway
  • Cast Concrete Structure
  • 200 MPH Wind Ratings
  • Far Away From Natural Disasters
  • Colocation
    • Half Cabinet
    • Full Cabinet
    • Customized Cage Space
    • Private Suites
  • Raised Floor
  • Security
    • 9 Feet High Security Fence
    • CCTV Cameras Monitoring Indoor and Outdoor Areas
    • Lockable Cabinets
    • Background Checks
    • Numbered Key Fobs
    • Photo Identification
    • Proximity Card Readers
  • FM 200 Gas Based Fire Suppression System
  • Heat And Smoke Detectors
  • UPS System with 3900 Amp Battery Backup System
  • Redundant Standby Diesel Generators
  • 100 Hours of Runtime with Multiple Refuelling Contracts
  • N+1 HVAC Units in Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Cabinet Layout
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • 100% SLA On Network Uptime

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