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Level 3 Communications – Weehawken Data Center (Hudson County)

Level 3’s Weehawken data center is located at 300 Boulevard East, Weehawken, NJ 07087. The data center is zone 2 seismic code construction, and offers clear height of 9 feet and 6 inches.

Weehawken data center offers half and full cabinets colocation, and private suite colocation space. The facility provides 31,837 square feet of total space. The data center provides 25,774 square feet of raised floor with structural capacity of carrying load of 300 lbs. per square feet, and three tiered overhead ladder racking. The data center manages stringent multi layered security control procedures including 24 x 7 x 365 security personnel, closed circuit video monitoring and logging with backup tape storage. Biometric palm scan and photo ID access cards authentication allows to enter in the colocation area. Pre action dry pipe, double interlocked fire suppression system is installed in data center for extinguishing any fire spark.

The data center has very reliable N+1 electrical design and distribution offering 99.999 % SLA on power. Redundant UPS in N+ 1 configuration and battery bank provides the emergency power to data center on the loss of utility power. Automatic transfer switches ensure the smooth transition of power to diesel generators in N+1 redundancy. Facility offers power density of 125 watts per square feet with the ability to upgrade. HVAC units maintain the temperature of 72 degrees with +/- 6 degrees, and humidity at 50 % with +/- 10%.

The Weehawken gateways provides easy access to Level 3 premier broadband network, and also offers carrier neutral connectivity to alternate carriers including AT&T Local, WorldCom Local, Verizon, OnFiber, and Universal Access, Inc. The data center provides DS3/OC3/OC12 Internet Access. The data center has true diverse fiber entrance, and direct connection to Level 3 equipment via fast Ethernet, or fiber burstable to 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps. Other connectivity options include CLI code of WHWKNJAN, and NPA-NXX of 201-233. The services available at the facility includes Internet access service, frame relay/ATM services, hosted voice services, metro and intercity private line services,  metro and (3)Flex Ethernet services, metro and intercity wavelength services, and metro and intercity dark fiber services. Technical support is available 24 x 7 x 365.

About Level 3

Level 3 Communication provides local, national and global communications services to enterprise, government and carrier customers. Level 3’s comprehensive portfolio of secure, managed solutions includes fiber and infrastructure solutions, IP based voice and data communications, wide area Ethernet services, video and content distribution, data center and cloud based solutions. Level 3 serves customers in more than 450 markets in 45 countries over a global services platform anchored by owned fiber networks on three continents and connected by extensive undersea facilities. Level 3 network carries traffic for some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated networks, including 19 of the world’s 20 largest telecom carriers, 4 of the top 5 Unites States wireless service providers and 9 of the top 10 United States cable providers. Level 3, a multi-tenant data center provider, operates more than 350 data center facilities in North America, Europe and Latin America. These facilities can offer any of three levels of service, ranging from Premier Select facilities designed to host traditional network equipment to Premier Elite facilities. Additionally, all of Level 3’s data centers are directly connected to its global network, providing low-latency access to corporate assets all around the globe. Connectivity among sites is available via Level 3’s 165,000 intercity, metro and subsea fiber route miles. Level 3 Communication was founded in 1998, and headquartered in Broomfield, CO.

Level 3 Communications – Weehawken Data Center (Hudson County)
300 Boulevard E.
Weehawken, NJ 07087

Level 3 Communications – Weehawken Data Center (Hudson County) Highlights

  • Zone 2 Seismic Code Construction
  • Clear Height of 9 Feet and 6 Inches
  • Half and Full Cabinets Colocation
  • Private Suite Colocation
  • 31,837 Square Feet of Space
  • 25,774 Square Feet of Raised Floor
  • Floor Loading of 300 lbs. Per Square Feet
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Security Personnel
  • Closed Circuit Video Monitoring and Logging
  • Biometric Palm Scan and Photo ID Access Cards Authentication
  • Pre Action, Double Interlock, Dry Pipe Fire Suppression
  • N+1 Electrical Design and Distribution
  • 99.999 % SLA on Power
  • Redundant UPS in N+1 Configuration
  • Battery Backup
  • Diesel Generators in N+1 Redundancy
  • HVAC Units for Temperature and Humidity Control
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • True Diverse Fiber Entrance
  • DS3/OC3/OC12 Internet Access
  • Access to Level 3 Premier Broadband Network
  • Direct Connection to Level 3 Equipment via Fast Ethernet or Fiber
  • CLI code of WHWKNJAN and NPA-NXX of 201-233
  • Technical Support 24 x 7 x 365
  • Internet Access Service
  • Frame Relay/ATM Services
  • Hosted Voice Services
  • Metro and Intercity Private Line Services
  • Metro and (3)Flex Ethernet Services
  • Metro and Intercity Wavelength Services
  • Metro and Intercity Dark Fiber Services

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