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ElasticHosts – San Jose Data Center

ElasticHosts’ Silicon Valley data center is located at 48233 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539. The data center provides colocation, cloud hosting, virtual private servers, and disaster recovery solutions. The data center is a Tier 3 infrastructure facility.

The data center provides a total of 309,000 square feet of enclosed space. The data center is regularly audited in accordance with SAS 70 type II requirements. The data center provides state of the art security measures, including high resolution CCTV cameras, onsite security guards, strict access controls with logs, proximity access through access card and biometric authentication, and mantrap entry. The data center uses R227 fire suppression system with VESDA control for any fire spark. The facility also has heat and water leakage sensors above and below the raised floor for an early alert for fire.

Silicon Valley data center is a reliable and fault tolerant power infrastructure. The facility is served by 12 kV redundant main power feeders by Hurricane Electric. The entire critical infrastructure is protected by UPS system in N+1 redundant configuration on the loss of utility power.  The emergency power is provided by diesel generators with 4.9 MW power in N+1 redundancy. The data center provides A+B power circuits up to 16 Amps power. The cooling and humidity in the data center is maintained through multiple redundant HVAC units in N+1 redundant configuration and 1.5 tons redundant chillers. The facility uses efficient cooling design with hot/cold aisles.

ElasticHosts’ 48233 Warm Springs Blvd data center is a carrier neutral facility with access to multiple Tier I carriers and service providers. 24x7x365 NOC staff provides the helpdesk and support services with round the clock access to phone or online support, and also remote hands services.

About ElasticHosts

ElasticHosts is a global provider of cloud hosting services such as cloud servers, managed cloud servers, and cloud websites. The company is one of the first public cloud service providers that is built on Linux Kernel based virtual machine. Each cloud server comes with web control panel or API, and can run any operating system with full administrator or root access. The cloud servers are clustered for redundancy, load balancing, and automatic failover using the RAID array configurations. The server hardware is built on high end multi-processor servers fitted with quad core AMD or Intel processors greatly increasing the performance, and effectively eliminating MMU virtualization overhead. The company operates nine data centers located in US, UK, Europe, Canada, Asia, and Australia serving the hundreds and thousands of customers worldwide. The company is a winner of Best Cloud Service at the Cloud Computing World Series Award 2010. ElasticHosts was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

ElasticHosts – San Jose Data Center
48233 Warm Springs Blvd
Fremont, CA 94539

ElasticHosts – San Jose Data Center Highlights

  • Tier 3 Infrastructure Facility
  • 309,000 Square Feet of Enclosed Space
  • SAS 70 Type II Certified
  • Security
    • High Resolution CCTV Cameras
    • Onsite Security Guards
    • Strict Access Controls with Logs
    • Proximity Access Through Access Card and Biometric Authentication
    • Mantrap Entry
  • Fire Detection and Suppression
    • R227 Fire Suppression System
    • VESDA Control
    • Heat and Water Leakage Sensors Above and Below the Raised Floor
  • 12 kV Redundant Main Power Feeder
  • UPS System in 2N Redundant Configuration
  • Diesel Generators with 4.9 MW Power in N+1 Redundancy
  • A+B Power Circuits up to 16 Amps Power
  • Cooling and Humidity
    • HVAC Units in N+1 Redundant Configuration
    • 1.5 Tons Redundant Chillers
    • Cooling Design with Hot/Cold Aisles
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Multiple Tier I Carriers and Service Providers
  • 24x7x365 NOC Staff
  • Remote Hands Services

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