EarthLink Business – Sunnyvale Data Center

EarthLink’s Sunnyvale data center is located at 710 Lakeway Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94085. The data center is a Tier III facility providing a reliable, secured, and redundant infrastructure.

Earthlink offers Sunnyvale colocation space in quarter cabinet, half cabinet, full cabinet, and also provides managed colocation services. The facility provides raised floor space for the sub floor cable management and efficient air flow. The data center is a SSAE 16 SOC II certified facility, and also provides HIPAA and PCI compliant solutions. The Sunnyvale data center provides excellent security measures such as IP based video surveillance system with recording of every critical area, motion detection cameras, 24×7 onsite security personnel, employee background check, and 24×7 facility access. The access to the data center floor is authenticated through the use of dual factor biometric fingerprint scanner and access card system control. All the cabinets are security locked, monitored, and logged daily. The facility uses state of the art FM 200 inert gas fire suppression system for life and equipment safety.

Sunnyvale data center provides a reliable and fault tolerant 2N+1 power infrastructure, and offers 99.999% SLA on power. The power to the data center is fed from dual utility feeds. The redundant 300 kVA UPS system in N+1 configuration provides A+B power to each cabinet. The backup emergency power to data center is provided by redundant diesel generators with a total of 1.5 MW of total capacity onsite. These generators are tested monthly at full load. Metered power and branch circuit monitoring system provides variable rate pricing for electricity based on actual kilowatts consumed. The redundant 300 tons Liebert units in N+1 redundant configuration automates the cooling and humidity in the data center. The facility uses energy efficient hot aisle/cold aisle cooling design.

EarthLink’s 710 Lakeway Dr data center is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity to multiple Tier I carriers and service providers. The data center has six diverse underground fiber entry paths and 100% redundant routers and switches. The facility offers 100% network uptime SLA. 24x7x365 NOC staff provides helpdesk and support services, monitoring, and remote hands services.

EarthLink, LLC provides information technology, communication, and network services. The company operates in two segments, Business Services and Consumer Services. EarthLink has successfully transitioned from an ISP into a leading managed service provider, and serves more than 150,000 businesses and 1 million consumers nationwide. The company offers complete suite of managed services, including cloud computing, manage and private cloud, and virtualization services. EarthLink also provides colocation services, application hosting, IT security, and IT support services.

EarthLink operates an over 29,000 fiber route mile network, with 90 metro fiber rings, and 8 secure Tier III data centers providing data and voice IP services. EarthLink also offers high speed, wireless, and dial up Internet services to residential customers. The company serves the customers in financial services, technology, retail, distribution, non-profit, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, publishing, and professional services provider. EarthLink is publicly trading company under the symbol ELNK in NASDAQ. The company was founded in 1994 and is based in Atlanta, GA.

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EarthLink Business – Sunnyvale Data Center

EarthLink Business – Sunnyvale Data Center
710 Lakeway Dr
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

EarthLink Business – Sunnyvale Data Center Highlights

  • Tier III Facility
  • Colocation
    • Quarter Cabinet
    • Half Cabinet
    • Full Cabinet
  • Managed Colocation
  • Raised Floor Space
  • Certifications and Compliance
    • SSAE 16 SOC II
    • HIPAA
    • PCI
  • Security
    • IP Based Video Surveillance System with Recording of Every Critical Area
    • Motion Detection Cameras
    • 24×7 Onsite Security Personnel
    • Employee Background Check
    • 24×7 Facility Access
    • Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
    • Access Card System Control
    • Cabinets are Security Locked, Monitored and Logged Daily
  • FM 200 Inert Gas Fire Suppression System
  • 2N+1 Power Infrastructure
  • 99.999% SLA on Power
  • Dual Utility Feeds
  • 300 kVA UPS System in N+1 Configuration
  • A+B Power to Each Cabinet
  • Redundant Diesel Generators with Total 1.5 MW Total Capacity Onsite
  • Generators Tested Monthly at Full Load
  • Metered Power
  • Branch Circuit Monitoring System
  • 300 Tons Liebert Units in N+1 Redundant Configuration
  • Efficient Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Cooling Design
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Six Diverse Underground Fiber Entry Paths
  • 100% Redundant Routers and Switches
  • 100% Network Uptime SLA
  • 24x7x365 NOC
  • Remote Hands Services