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Digital Edge – Philadelphia Data Center #2

Digital Edge’s Philadelphia data center is located at 4775 League Island Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19112. This purpose built data center is located in Philadelphia Technology Park just off I-95 and I-76, and is built above 500 years flood plain. The data center provides amenities like office space, conference room, supply storage, and free & secure parking facility. Digital Edge is a tenant at this location.

The data center offers dedicated and shared colocation space from half to full cabinets, caged space, and private suites. The data center has 30 inches raised floor with structural capacity of 1200 lbs. per square feet of concrete load. The facility adheres to stringent requirements of HIPAA, SOX, SAS 70, and Sarbanes Oxley compliance guidelines. Access to data center is restricted to authorized client personnel and employees only with Axis IP based interior and exterior surveillance cameras, and 24x7x365 monitoring. Entrance and exit in the facility is controlled by HID contactless access cards and biometric scanners while cage and suite access is controlled by HID contact panel, and cabinet access is controlled by dial system. The data center uses dual fire suppression systems that include clean agent FM 200 multizone fire protection system and multi zone pre action double interlocked dry pipe fire protection system. The below floor water leak detection system is installed in facility.

The data center is a high density N+1 power infrastructure. The power to facility is fed by dual commercial power feeds with complete isolated grounding system. The entire critical infrastructure is protected on power failure by redundant UPS system in N+1 redundancy. The backup power to data center is provided by standby redundant diesel generators with fuel storage tank onsite, and automatic switching of load from primary to backup power supply. Single phase and three phase AC power system is capable of providing 120V and 208V service. The data center provides power density of 10 kW per cabinet. The cooling and humidity in the facility is automated by 12 x 20 tons Glycol CRAC units in N+1 redundancy that is served by 12 inches distribution loop driven by two redundant 2,240 GPM pumps. All MEP systems are monitored by Site Scan critical facility monitoring system.

The data center is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity to Meet Me Room (MMR) for access to provider of choice. The data center provides IP bandwidth, protected by a redundant router platform, with BGP delivery via multiple upstream providers. Dark fiber connectivity is also available through multiple vendors and data center existing fiber routes into local carrier hotel. All the networking cabling is in overhead cable trays. 24x7x365 NOC staff provides technical support, remote hands services, and tape rotation and restoration services.

About Digital Edge

Digital Edge Inc. is a leading provider of data center and managed services for high end IT infrastructure, systems, and applications. The company support customers to build and maintain their IT environments, by providing technical expertise and solutions for success. The company operates within the prime data center facilities providing enterprise IT services expertise in cloud hosting, colocation, consolidation, managed hosting, ITaaS and commercial application support, monitoring, change management, business continuity and compliance assistance, and virtualization. Digital Edge was founded in 1996, and headquartered in Staten Island, NY.
hipaa compliance

Digital Edge – Philadelphia Data Center #2
4775 League Island Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19112

Digital Edge – Philadelphia Data Center #2 Highlights

  • Purpose Built Facility
  • Located in Philadelphia Technology Park Just off I-95 and I-76
  • Built Above 500 Years Flood Plain
  • Amenities
    • Office Space
    • Conference Room
    • Supply Storage
    • Free & Secure Parking Facility
  • Colocation
    • Dedicated and Shared Colocation Space
    • Half to Full Cabinets
    • Caged Space
    • Private Suites
  • 30 Inches Raised Floor
  • Structural Capacity of 1200 lbs. Per Square Feet of Concrete Load
  • Compliance
    • HIPAA
    • SOX
    • SAS 70
    • Sarbanes Oxley
  • Security
    • Access Restricted to Authorized Client Personnel and Employees Only
    • Axis IP Based Interior and Exterior Surveillance Cameras
    • 24x7x365 Monitoring
    • Hid Contactless Access Cards
    • Biometric Scanners
    • Suite Access Controlled  by HID Contact Panel
    • Cabinet Access Controlled by Dial System
  • Fire Detection And Suppression
    • FM 200 Multizone Fire Protection System
    • Multi Zone Pre Action Double Interlocked Dry Pipe Fire Protection System
    • Below Floor Water Leak Detection System
  • High Density N+1 Power Infrastructure
  • Dual Commercial Power Feeds
  • Complete Isolated Grounding System
  • Redundant UPS System in N+1 Redundancy
  • Standby Redundant Diesel Generators with Fuel Storage Tank Onsite
  • Automatic Switching from Primary to Backup Power Supply
  • Single Phase and Three Phase AC Power System
  • Power Density of 10 kW Per Cabinet
  • Cooling and Humidity Control
    • 12 x 20 Tons Glycol CRAC Units in N+1 Redundancy
    • 12 Inches Distribution Loop Driven by Two Redundant 2,240 GPM Pumps
  • Site Scan Critical Facility Monitoring System
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Meet Me Room (MMR)
  • Dark Fiber Connectivity
  • Networking Cabling in Overhead Cable Trays
  • 24x7x365 NOC Staff
  • Remote Hands Services
  • Tape Rotation and Restoration Services

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