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CoreSpace – Dallas Data Center

CoreSpace’s Dallas data center is located at 7505 John W. Carpenter Freeway, Dallas, TX 75247. The data center is one story cement block with steel beam construction, and a poured concrete roof with 24″ pin-weld roof insulation. The data center is located six miles near Downtown Dallas, 7 minutes from DLF airport, and 15 minutes from DFW airport. The data center has amenities like customer lounge, main and secondary conference rooms with projector facility.

The data center offers a number of colocation options, including single server colocation, cabinets in half and full sizes, lockable cages from 1 to 5,000 square feet, and private suites. The data center is a 30,000 square feet single tenant facility. The data center is regularly audited in accordance with SSAE 16 SOC II requirements, and enables its customers to meet their compliance requirements like HIPAA and PCI. CoreSpace has implemented best in class security measures, including barbed wire perimeter fence surrounding all the data center campus, high definition CCTV monitoring and recording with 90 days storage, in-house staff 24 x 7 x 365, and inventory entry or exit verification. The data center has double door locking man trap on all data center entry and exit points. All the entrance to data center requires series of authentication from biometric scanners, RFID key card, and badge access system. The data center uses pre action dry pipe fire suppression system for any fire spark.

The data center is a reliable power infrastructure located on hospital grid with 2.5 MW of utility power. The data center offers multiple power options including three phase, 110V & 220V with 20A, 30A circuits, and higher density power. The facility has 60 million volts lightning strike electrical grounding system in place. The immediate power failure is protected by 2 x GE UPS system with eBoost technology. The standby power is provided by Cummins diesel generators on the loss of utility power. These generators are tested weekly, and has 30 minutes diesel refueling contract agreements. The redundant 350 tons HVAC units with chilled air economizers effectively maintains cooling and humidity in the data center.

Dallas data center is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity to 50+ service providers. The data center has 400+ Gigabit dual protected dark fiber network ring, and DWDM network that is directly connected to 1950 Stemmons. The data center uses Cisco Nexus 7000 series routers. 24 x 7 x 365 onsite NOC staff provides helpdesk and support services with free server monitoring, free remote hands and eyes service with loaner KVM over IP access.

CoreSpace Inc. is a cloud services, colocation, dedicated servers, and managed services provider company. The company is a woman owned and operated, and has quickly become the data center, compliance, and hosting provider of choice especially within the SMB marketplace.  CoreSpace maintains its focus on offering superior products and services, utilizing cutting edge technology with best in class Dell, SuperMicro, and IBM hardware. CoreCloud is CoreSpace’s complete cloud management system designed with all of the latest cloud services including an integrated SAN, global CDN, DNS, load balancing, and auto scaling. CoreSpace dedicated server solutions are available running either Linux or the Windows operating systems. CoreSpace offers Dual Processor, Quad Processor, and Dual Quad Processor dedicated servers. The company was founded in 2009, and is based in Dallas, TX.

CoreSpace – Dallas Data Center
7505 John W. Carpenter Fwy.
Dallas, TX 75247

CoreSpace – Dallas Data Center Highlights

  • One Story Cement Block with Steel Beam Construction
  • Poured Concrete Roof with 24″ Pin-Weld Roof Insulation
  • Location
    • Six Miles Near Downtown Dallas
    • 7 Minutes from DLF Airport
    • 15 Minutes from DFW Airport
  • Amenities
    • Customer Lounge
    • Main And Secondary Conference Rooms with Projector Facility
  • Colocation
    • Single Server
    • Half and Full Size Cabinet
    • Lockable Cages from 1 to 5,000 Square Feet
    • Private Suites
  • 30,000 Square Feet Single Tenant Facility
  • Ssae 16 SOC II Certified
  • Security
    • Barbed Wire Perimeter Fence
    • High Definition CCTV Monitoring and Recording with 90 Days Storage
    • In-House Staff 24 x 7 x 365
    • Inventory Entry or Exit Verification
    • Double Door Locking Man Trap Entry
    • Biometric Scanners
    • RFID Key Card
    • Badge Access System
  • Pre Action Dry Pipe Fire Suppression System
  • Located on Hospital Grid
  • 2.5 MW of Utility Power
  • Three Phase Power
  • 110v & 220v with 20A and 30A Circuits
  • 60 Million Volts Lightning Strike Electrical Grounding System
  • 2 x GE UPS System With eboost Technology
  • Cummins Diesel Generators
  • Diesel Generators Tested Weekly
  • 30 Minutes Diesel Refueling Contract Agreements
  • 350 Tons HVAC Units with Chilled Air Economizers
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Connectivity to 50+ Service Providers
  • 400+ Gigabit Dual Protected Dark Fiber Network Ring
  • DWDM Network
  • Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Routers
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Onsite NOC
  • Free Server Monitoring
  • Free Remote Hands and Eyes Service

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