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Contegix – St. Louis Data Center

Contegix St. Louis data center is located at 6th floor, 210 North Tucker and is also company HQ. The Contegix has leased entire 6th floor of recently innovated, Digital Realty 18 story building and provides 200,000 square feet of data center space. Tucker can withstand 207 mph winds and is therefore classified as an 18 Mid Rise building, or an EF5 tolerance tornado rating. The data center is the only N+1 rated facility in the region and partnership with Digital Realty Trust, the world largest data center provider, allow its customers to have access to over 30 markets throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The facility has strict security controls including restricted lobby access, coded key cards, coded badges and dual authentication access consisting of a combination key card and bio metric fingerprint scan. The entire premise is monitored by onsite security personnel and security cameras 24/7. In addition, HVAC, power and building critical systems are managed and monitored 24 x 7. The 18 MW of utility power in place to the building delivered via three (3) separate 13.8 MV feeder circuits at N+1 redundancy, 2500 kW diesel generator and three 300 kVA UPS modules with N+1 redundancy. The cooling and humidity is controlled through 20 to 30 Tons CRAC units configured at N+2 redundancy and three 1000 tons capacity cooling towers and condensers water loop configured as N+1. An early smoke and heat detection, double interlock, dry pipe fire suppression system is placed.

The data center is connected to multiple Tier 1 network providers. The network infrastructure is designed and configured with top brand networking equipment providers from Juniper and Brocade. The company ensures that their network is under 50% of total utilization and provides customers in writing for 100% network uptime. The support services are provided through Network Operation Center by Tier 3 Engineers on 24×7 bases. 

Contegix LLC is a technology providing company providing custom and strategic cloud and colocation solutions, managed hosting solution and infrastructure intelligence for enterprise applications and infrastructure. Contegix services include supporting dedicated hardware and operating system management, deploying and configuring software, managed data protection, and offering complete licensing management.  The company serves customers from innovative technology start-ups, to Fortune 500 companies like Dell, eBay, Nestle Purina, Electronics Arts, United Airlines, VMware etc.

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Contegix – St. Louis Data Center
210 North Tucker, 6th Floor
St. Louis, MO 63102

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