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Colocation America – Chicago Data Center 2

Colocation America’s Chicago data center 2 is located at 600 S Federal St, Chicago, IL 60605; and is one of five data center facilities that are operated by Colocation America in Chicago. The data center is strategically located in the South loop area of downtown Chicago and is a one block walk to trains. The facility is 18 miles from O’Hare airport and 10 miles to the Midway airport. This 8 story building is a carrier hotel having high load capacity freight elevators and an on site parking facility.

The data center offers flexible colocation space options including 1U rack space, 2U rack space, 4U rack space, 10U quarter cabinet, 21U half cabinet, 42U full cabinet, customized cage space, private suites and build-to-suit space. The data center is a certified SSAE 16 SOC II facility that is regularly audited for the rigorous audit requirements for the implementing IT controls, and it also offers solutions fully meeting the complex compliance requirements of HIPAA and PCI DSS. The data center provides excellent security measures featuring 24x7x365 security guards, monitoring through CCTV with recording and archiving of footage, biometric authentication and card key access system. The data center is equipped with double interlocked pre action dry pipe fire suppression system with overhead heat and smoke detection to meet any fire emergencies.

The Chicago data center 2 is a reliable and fault tolerant power infrastructure with power to the building is served through two separate 12.47 kV medium voltage utility feeders from two separate power substations. The immediate power failure is protected by 3 x 625 kVA UPS system in N+1 configuration. The extended power outage is backed up by 2 x 2,000 kVA diesel generators configured in N+1 design with 24 hours of fuel supply at full load and multiple refuelling contracts. The 2N PDUs distributes diverse power in A+B configuration to each cabinet in a failsafe design. The cooling and humidity levels in the data center is maintained by energy efficient 30 tons 17,300 cfm CRAH units in N+1 redundancy. The chilled water system is delivered by 200 tons air cooled chillers configured in N+1 redundancy.

600 S Federal St data center is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity to more than 30 Tier I carriers and service providers. The data center provides N+1 redundancy on all its networks offering 100% network uptime with multi layer network design and multi Gigabit capacity. The data center has diverse underground fiber entry points and it also provides dedicated diverse pathway to the building Meet Me Room (MMR) located at 7th floor. 24x7x365 real live support is provided by expert technical staff for any queries.

About Colocation America

Colocation America, Inc. is a leading provider of colocation, dedicated servers and managed hosting solutions to a large client base across different industries. The company owns and operates 22 state of the art data center facilities located in eight major locations throughout United States. Colocation America also offers solutions in VoIP hosting, data storage and backup, disaster recovery, IP transit services and SEO hosting. The company was built from the ground up by professional engineers and provides excellent 24x7x365 support services to its customers. Colocation America was founded in 2000 and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. The company has also corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, NV.
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Colocation America – Chicago Data Center 2
600 S Federal St
Chicago, IL 60605

Colocation America – Chicago Data Center 2 Highlights

  • Carrier Hotel
  • Located in a 8 Story Building
  • Located in South Loop Area of Downtown Chicago
  • One Block Walk to Trains
  • 18 Miles to O’Hare Airport
  • 10 Miles to Midway Airport
  • High Loading Capacity Freight Elevators
  • Onsite Parking Facility
  • Colocation Spaces
    • 1U Rack Space
    • 2U Rack Space
    • 4U Rack Space
    • 10U Quarter Cabinet
    • 21U Half Cabinet
    • 42U Full Cabinet
    • Customized Cage Space
    • Private Suites
    • Build-To-Suit Space
  • Certifications and Compliance
    • SSAE 16 SOC II
    • HIPAA
    • PCI DSS
  • Security
    • 24x7x365 Security Guards
    • CCTV Cameras with Recording and Archiving of Footage
    • Biometric Authentication
    • Card Key Access System
  • Double Interlocked Pre Action Dry Pipe Fire Suppression System
  • Overhead Heat and Smoke Detection
  • Reliable Power Infrastructure
  • Two Separate 12.47 kV Medium Voltage Utility Feeders
  • Two Separate Power Substations
  • 3 x 625 kVA UPS System in N+1 Configuration
  • 2 x 2,000 kVA Diesel Generators in N+1 Redundancy
  • 24 Hours of Fuel Supply at Full Load
  • Multiple Refuelling Contracts
  • 2N PDUs
  • Power in A+B Design
  • Energy Efficient 30 Tons 17,300 Cfm CRAH Units in N+1 Redundancy
  • 200 Tons Air Cooled Chillers Configured in N+1 Redundancy
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • N+1 Redundancy on All Networks
  • 100% Network Uptime
  • Multi Layer Network Design
  • Multi Gigabit Capacity
  • Diverse Underground Fiber Entry Points
  • Dedicated Diverse Pathway to Building Meet Me Room (MMR)
  • Meet Me Room (MMR) Located at 7th Floor
  • 24x7x365 Real Live Support

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