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Colo@ – Phoenix Data Center

The Phoenix data center is located at 3402 East University Drive. The data center is a state of the art facility with secure, fast, reliable, and calculable infrastructure. The data center is fed by 40 MW diverse power feeds and power failure is protected by redundant 20 MW UPS system, and an immediate transfer of load including cooling to 24 MW diesel generators with on site fuel storage. The colocation services are provided through cabinets and custom sized caged space. The facility has achieved the industry standards by acquiring SAS 70 Type II standards and PCI compliant. The data center is fully locked and staffed 24×7, and on-site is strictly limited. The cabinet solutions include 1/4 cabinet with maximum 10 A circuit, 1/2 cabinet with maximum 20 A circuit, and full cabinets with maximum 40 A circuit. The data center has redundant air conditioning system to effectively moderate the temperature, airflow and humidity conditions in the data center for efficient operation of IT equipment. The data center is equipped with multi zoned, triple pre action fire suppression system for life and equipment safety. The data center fire suppression system is a dual interlocking pre action dry pipe with VESDA smoke detection for life and equipment safety.

Phoenix data center has open peering with the entire Any2LA & Atlanta TIE networks. Colo@ has comprehensive peering arrangement which provide direct connectivity to many locations outside Colo@ facilities. The data center has redundant Internap FCP device to carefully route traffic above and beyond what is possible with standard BGP routing, which routes traffic based on ASN hop counts. The FCP automatically routes traffic around trouble spots and network outages beyond Colo@ network. It also helps traffic select and use the highest performing routes at any given time. The data center is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity options to leading industry carriers and bandwidth providers.

About Colo@

Colo@, is a colocation service provider wing of Total Server Solution family of companies, and headquartered at Atlanta, GA. The company is a leading managed services firm serving clients of all sizes, from small and medium-sized businesses to enterprises. The company specializes in colocation services including enterprise colocation and cabinet colocation, fully managed dedicated servers, cluster / cloud configuration and management, and security consulting.
pci compliance

Colo@ – Phoenix Data Center
3402 East University Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85034

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