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Arsalon Technologies – Overland Park Data Center

Arsalon Technologies’ Overland Park data center is located at 10881 Lowell Avenue, Suite 160, Overland Park, KS 66210. The data center is a purpose-built facility with roof rating to withstand an F3 tornadoes and winds of 150 miles per hour. The data center is not located within any identified floodplains, probable fault lines, or at risk for wildfires.

The data center offers colocation space in 1U increments, half cabinet, and full cabinets. The data center provides 36″ raised floor space for subfloor cable management and efficient airflow. The data center is regularly audited for meeting the complex industry regulations and is a certified facility for SSAE 16 Type II, PCI, HIPAA, NIST, and Safe Harbor. The data center has implemented state of the art security measures to protect the infrastructure from unauthorized access, including video surveillance of entire facility with recording and archiving of footage, escorted access, monitoring by NOC staff, locked cabinets, photo ID identification, and biometric access control with secondary PIN authentication is required to gain entry to data center. The interior wall plan is designed to provide additional barriers and a buffer zone to further protect the infrastructure. The data center uses specially designed FM 200 and ECARO-25 fire suppression system for extinguishing any fire spark, while has implemented two alarm VESDA control for early alerting and detection of any smoke particulates.

The Overland Park data center provides a reliable and fault tolerant N+1 power infrastructure. The data center is served with 7,500 kVA of power from three separate circuits serviced from two separate KCP&L substations and two separate point of entry located on the opposite side of the facility. The entire critical infrastructure is protected by N+1 UPS system on the sudden loss of utility power. The 4 x 1.5MW diesel generators providing 6MW of critical power in N+1 redundant configuration automatically start through ATS panels on sensing utility power loss. The data center has on site diesel fuel storage and multiple refuelling contracts. The multiple PDUs delivers diverse power to each cabinet in A+B redundant feeds. All electrical and data communications circuits are provisioned through dedicated and secured underground conduit. The data center uses redundant CRAC units in N+1 redundancy that provides closed loop forced air cooling. The multiple redundant Liebert air handling units automates cooling and humidity levels in the data center.

Arsalon Technologies’ 10881 Lowell Avenue data center is a carrier neutral facility with connectivity to multiple carriers and service providers. The data center has fully redundant network infrastructure and components, and utilizes HRSP. The data center has redundant routers utilizing BGP4 for automated failover and best route selection. 24x7x365 NOC staff provides Level 1 and Level 2 technical support, monitoring services, and remote hands services.

About Arsalon Technologies

Arsalon Technologies, now a DataBank company, is a provider of Internet infrastructure technology and hosting services to organizations in digital economy. The company offers cloud hosting, colocation, dedicated severs, and managed hosting services. Arsalon provides cloud solutions that are hosted with VMware on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) with NetApp and EMC storage, and offered as multi tenant cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and enterprise cloud. Arsalon Technologies has been acquired by DataBank, a national provider of enterprise class managed data center space for colocation in Dallas and Minneapolis. Arsalon Technologies was founded in 2001 and headquarters in Lenexa, KS.
hipaa compliance pci compliance

Arsalon Technologies – Overland Park Data Center
10881 Lowell Avenue, Suite 160
Overland Park, KS 66210

Arsalon Technologies – Overland Park Data Center Highlights

  • Purpose Built Facility
  • With Roof Rating to Withstand an F3 Tornadoes
  • Rated for Winds of 150 Miles Per Hour
  • Not Located Within Any Identified Floodplains, Probable Fault Lines and Risk For Wildfires
  • Colocation
    • Rack Space in 1U Increment
    • Half Cabinet
    • Full Cabinet
  • 36″ Raised Floor Space
  • Certification and Compliance
    • SSAE 16 Type II
    • PCI
    • HIPAA
    • NIST
    • Safe Harbor
  • Security
    • Video Surveillance of Entire Facility
    • Escorted Access
    • Monitoring by NOC Staff
    • Locked Cabinets
    • Photo ID Identification
    • Biometric Access Control with Secondary PIN Authentication
    • Interior Wall Plan
  • Fire Detection and Suppression System
    • FM 200 Fire Suppression System
    • ECARO-25 Fire Suppression System
    • VESDA
  • N+1 Power Infrastructure
  • 7,500 kVA of Power from Three Separate Circuits
  • Two Separate KCP&L Substations
  • Two Separate Point of Entry Located on the Opposite Side of the Facility
  • N+1 UPS System
  • Diesel Generators in N+1 Redundancy
    • 4 x 1.5MW Diesel Generators
    • Onsite Diesel Fuel Storage
    • Multiple Refuelling Contracts
  • ATS Panel
  • Multiple PDUs
  • Redundant A+B Power Feed to Each Cabinet
  • Dedicated and Secured Underground Conduit for Power Cabling
  • HVAC Infrastructure
    • Redundant CRAC Units in N+1 Redundancy
    • Closed Loop Forced Air Cooling
    • Multiple Redundant Liebert Air Handling Units
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Fully Redundant Network Infrastructure and Components
  • HRSP and BGP4
  • 24x7x365 NOC
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Technical Support
  • Remote Hands Services

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