Data Centers in Carteret, NJ

Terremark – Carteret Regional DC-04 MFA

Terremark’s Carteret data center is located at 1400 Federal Blvd, Carteret, NJ 07008. The colocation services are provided through open racks, cabinets, and customized caged floor spaces. The data center is a SAS 70 Type II certified facility. The data center has raised floors with load flooring bearing capacity up to 150 lbs. per square feet. The loading docks, […]

Verizon Business – Premium Data Center Carteret

Verizon’s Carteret is a Verizon premium data center, and is located in Carteret, NJ. Verizon offers three types of data centers including standard data center, advanced data center, and premium data center with different set of features and specification under each type of data center. Carteret data center provides the infrastructure services necessary to deploy customer’s Internet applications including […]